Siemens Brand History

SIEMENS is one of the most valuable brands in Germany and one of the best-known brands in the world. Here we tell the story of its development.

For three decades now, it’s been one of the constants in Siemens’ image – the Siemens font in Petrol blue on a white background, making the SIEMENS mark consistent and unique. The pathway to that mark design was a long one and, at most from the perspective of the top view, a straight one. It begins with an artfully interwoven monogram that served as the basis for the design of the first registered trademark, and then passes through a variety of corporate marks, a flock of variants, some intense debate, and an assortment of brand and image analyses before finally arriving at the form familiar to us today. It’s a path from a House of Brands, to a Branded House, to the current trademark architecture of the Siemens brand ecosystem.