Blick auf Siemensstadt, 1956


Siemensstadt goes “back to work” 

World War II ended 75 years ago. Large areas of Berlin were in ruins. And in Siemensstadt, the heart of the company likewise suffered the impact of the war, and subsequently faced the greatest challenge in its history: rebuilding. The Siemens employees, with an almost family-like sense of solidarity, gradually returned to the factories and set about the massive task of restoring operations. It is to that group, who rebuilt Siemensstadt with great effort and hardships, that this film is dedicated.

If it has been possible to rebuild the House of Siemens after the almost hopeless situation at the end of the war, we owe that first and foremost to the loyalty and self-sacrifice of the employees working here.
Hermann von Siemens, “Head of the House” of Siemens, 1949

Back to the plant – Siemensstadt 1945 to 1955

Only a few weeks after the war ended, factory life gradually began to stir again at Siemensstadt. But several years would pass before rebuilding was complete.

A colorful history – Rebuilding Siemensstadt on film

Join us for a trip into the past, and discover on film how the inhabitants of Siemensstadt and the Siemens employees experienced and overcame the end of World War II and the arduous rebuilding of Siemensstadt. The Siemens Historical Institute interviewed eyewitnesses and historians for the project. They give us their impressions in four exciting episodes.