ACHEMA Pulse, a digital format of the exhibition, will be held from 15-16 June 2021. We will keep you up to date here .
Digital Transformation

Accelerate the digital transformation - from integrated engineering to integrated operations.

Digitalization is changing everything. 

It's speeding up the market, accelerating business processes, and generating new and disruptive technologies in ever-faster cycles.

For companies in the process industries, digitalization is steadily turning into the crucial force for driving productivity. And speed more than ever before is the decisive factor: Implementing the digital transformation ahead of and more thoroughly than your competitors is becoming a key criterion for success. 

Join us in advancing the digital transformation to achieve lasting success in the process industries and integrated processes throughout entire lifecycles – from integrated engineering to integrated operations.

Join us and take a step up to the next level of digitalization and networking.

We'll support and advise you on the direct path to your digital transformation.

Showcased highlights

Experience digitalization at first hand

Shorter times to market, higher data quality and better plant transparency, real-time documentation updates: integrated digitalization lets companies in the process industry make lasting improvements to their efficiency and productivity both during the engineering phase and in actual operation.


Using biological active ingredient manufacture in pharmaceutical production as an example for the chemical

industry, we looked at the entire product lifecycle as well as management of various plant components throughout their lifecycle.


 We demonstrated how you can boost your competitiveness with our portfolio of integrated hardware and software solutions.

Use cases

Lessons drawn from practice

  It’s time to unleash previously unknown potential and set new standards.   This is not just about what digitalization is making possible: We provided specific sample applications of how the digital transformation can smooth the way to higher quality, productivity, flexibility and availability – while also speeding up your time-to-market and ensuring top-level security.   We presented solutions for business processes like supply chain management and new plant architectures like NAMUR Open Architecture (NOA). Using concrete examples, we offered a vivid experience of the benefits offered by the digital transformation – and showed how you can take your company’s productivity to a new level. 

From big data to smart data

Intelligent processing of the huge volumes of data from production facilities in the process industry is playing a crucial role in the digitalization of industry. The challenge is to access these existing and often unused volumes of data (“Big Data”), without impacting the data itself and with no compromises to systemsecurity and availability. New, open plant architectures like NAMUR Open Architecture (NOA) provide the solution. At its booth at ACHEMA, Siemens showed that we are a leading player in the market in this area.

In both new and existing plants, NOA creates a second data channel that makes it possible to transmit data to a higher-level cloud from all levels of the automation pyramid.

Thanks to this second data channel, new monitoring and optimization (M+O) functions no longer need to be measured against the stringent demands of core automation. Automation solutions can be used here in the future, with significantly lower demands in terms of their availalability.

Save time with simulation

It has become essential to shorten the time between the development and introduction of new products. Integrated engineering workflows and short conversion and commissioning times for new or altered lines are crucial if companies want to remain competitive and get their products onto the market faster and with consistently high quality.

Simulations speed up the commissioning process and make the time-to-market much shorter. They reduce risks and lead to greater efficiency at every phase in the lifecycle – from planning/model generation to engineering, training, and model-based plant optimization. One highlight at ACHEMA was the presentation by our cooperation partner Process Systems Enterprise (PSE). Its model-based technology for the design and optimization of chemical and pharmaceutical plants ideally complements the Siemens portfolio.

We showed, how the Digital Enterprise concept from Siemens will help you simulate, test, and optimize products, production processes, and plants in a completely virtual environment – the digital twin.

More on simulation and process modeling

Perfectly networked

The factory of the future is a complex network in which suppliers, manufacturers, and customers communicate with each other across all hierarchical levels. The challenge in shaping an intelligent, “digital” supply chain is to network the machines and plant with the IT systems and supply chains of all the companies involved. That is the only way to restructure the production and sale processes.

Today, digitalization offers an opportunity to decisively optimize the entire supply chain, including commercial data. Shared platforms to manage multi-company logistics platforms like AX4, in which the processes are perfectly coordinated with each other, form the foundation for the intelligent supply chain. The result is the basis for effectiveness and transparency at all points of the supply chain.

Fast, customized manufacture

The growing variety of products means that customer requirements are becoming increasingly individualized. As a result, products need to be manufactured in very small quantities, with short development cycles and at low cost.

Modular production methods make it possible to repeatedly adapt plant development to constantly changing products. At the same time, parallel engineering, simulation, and virtual commissioning of the plant reduce planning time during the product development process. The result is a significant reduction in the time between the product idea and market launch. In other words, innovative products meeting top quality standards can reach the market in very short timeframes.

Conformity throughout the entire lifecycle

Consistently high end-product quality can be guaranteed only if the raw materials have the necessary qualities, and if the plant and the entire production process are constantly monitored and optimized.  With the right modules for the production process and the right plant software, the production process can be reliably controlled, monitored, and maintained. This also makes it possible to fulfill the plant’s safety and quality requirements. 

Protection of both plant and know-how

In the digital age, safety is a key factor at multiple levels, since global networking, from intelligent devices to entire plants, is constantly growing in intensity. In addition to the benefits of this development, however, there are also huge risks, such as unauthorized access, threats posed by malware, and data theft

Our security strategy focuses on three levels of protection: plant security, network security, and system integrity. This enables you to protect your plant against unauthorized access, ensure your network is secure, and put protective measures in place to block cyber-attacks.  


Highlight products

SIDRIVE IQ - Intelligence for the optimal performance of drive systems

Siemens is transforming its drive systems business further into the digital world. SIDRIVE IQ, a new digital platform and cloud application, makes static and dynamic drive systems information readily accessible anytime, anywhere, making systems "smarter". Machine and plant builders as well as operators generate considerable added value in operation and maintenance. The goal is a consistently digitized optimization over the entire lifecycle, from design to service.

MindSphere - the cloud-based, open IoT operating system from Siemens

Every machine and system in your business provides a wealth of data with benefits yet to be fully realized. MindSphere enables you to transform this data into productive business results. By connecting your machines and physical infrastructure to the digital world,MindSphere provides powerful industrial applications with advanced analytics and digital services to unleash increased productivity and efficiency across your entire business. MindSphere is the IoT operating system built as a secure and scalable industrial end to end solution from asset connectivity to unlock your IoT data potential.


SIMOTICS XP CHEMSTAR is the new technlogy standard for explosion protected motors in the process industry. Decades of experience, CHEMSTAR is standing for als No 1 motor for Oil, Gas and the Chemical Industry are now complemted by the benfits of the highly standardized motors platform SIMOTICS, such as fast track projects and easy to do business. This results in a tailormade industry solution, offering maximum safety and reliability in hazardoues zones as well as significantly reduced effort in all phases of the life cycle

Digitalization Consulting

Together we define your specific digital roadmap how to step  into the digital transformation
Our Digitalization Consulting report provides a step-by step approach for the digital transformation
With our excellent domain know-how, our one-of-a-kind technology portfolio and with our consulting methodology, we will identify the gaps, classify them according the business needs, and provide a neutral digital transformation roadmap that fits the specific customer’s needs, business models and existing infrastructure (IT & OT).


ULTRAMAT 23: Easily on the safe side with our longterm enission monitoring solution. Our proven ULTRAMAT 23 is now able to measure gases at even lower detection limits. This way you are well prepared for any coming stricter regulations concerning emission monitoring. Stil, the handling remains easy and economical due to remote control and autocalibration with ambient air which. There is no need to provide test gases.

SIMIT 10 - Reality has no reset button

SIMIT 10 fully relies on flexibility: The new product structure enables significantly higher scalability based on the project size. In addition, functionalities such as libraries, component type editor or virtual controller can be flexible integrated. Thus, the simulation is optimally adapted to different project sizes and requirements. The new, application-oriented license and dongle concept can significantly reduce the number of dongles. In addition, SIMIT 10 contains of many functional innovations, such as new components within the ChemBasic library.

The new generation in SITRANS TH/TR and SITRANS P

The Siemens Process Instrumentation sets the new standard in measurement technology with the transmitters SITRANS P 320/420 and TH/TR 320/420 which pave the way to the future by unique features.  The new SITRANS P pressure transmitter can be operated remotely using Remote Safety Handling, while the new SITRANS T temperature transmitter features a backup function and supports the Callendar-van-Dusen method, which guarantees high-accuracy readings. Discover also our extended Thermowells portfolio.

Room for new perspectives. SIMATIC PCS 7 V9.0: More flexibility in process automation

Plants in the process industries have to satisfy increasingly stringent demands in terms of flexibility, scalability, availability, safety and security while still offering maximum protection of investment. SIMATIC PCS 7 V9.0 provides the smart answer to these complex and competing demands. The version 9.0 is focused on the future-oriented opportunities of digitalization right to field level. That’s why we developed particularly powerful and compact hardware products that support PROFINET and allow greater freedom in plant design and operation.

SIMATIC PCS 7 Plant Automation Accelerator

Integration of automation planning and control system synchronized on a central database: The electronic supported workflow from planning to commissioning and to the lifecycle of a Plant in process industries PAA creates reliability of decision-making and efficiency by consistent Data and automatically generated as-is-documentation.
PAA allows integrated engineering via
"plug and play".

SIMATIC RTLS - the locating platform for your digital enterprise

Are you also thinking about how to make your traditional workflows in production and logistics more dynamic? Do you also want to be able to respond more swiftly to market changes, optimize capacity utilization or manufacture smaller batches? The key are flexible, self-organizing production and logistics concepts based on our SIMATIC RTLS locating platform.
You can use SIMATIC RTLS to navigate material flows, control mobile robots, monitor component use, and fully document the final product assembly.

Industrial Communication Networks - The basis für digitalization

As a solution provider, Siemens not only offers network products, services and certified training courses, but also possesses many years of experience and in-depth knowhow to conceptualize, to plan and to realize industrial networks in a future-oriented manner – supported worldwide by certified partners with industry and expert knowledge. Our customers benefit from uniform interfaces, necessary for example for integration of OPC UA and reliable connection to cloud-based systems as MindSphere.

Digitalization Financing - Smart Performance Finance

Smart Performance Finance – first financing product linked to MindSphere (an innovation on the market).
Calculation of leasing rates based on the data made available through MindSphere. Two leasing contracts (Finance lease and Operate Lease) are available depending on customer requirements.
Advantages for you:
- Smart and intelligent financial concept powered by MindSphere
- Flexible usage-based payments
- Calculable variable costs that match capacities
- Usage data from MindSphere, the cloud-based open IoT operating system from Siemens

Monitor your GxP environmental parameters and reduce your validation costs

The model combines realtime values from installed sensors and actuators with simulated values. Multi-discipline scenarios can be demonstrated, operated, and displayed. Siemens solutions portfolio for laboratories and cleanrooms, as well as the integrated building management platform Desigo CC with integrated GxP-monitoring will be shown interactively. It combines the classic core portfolio elements for fire, security, and building automation with specific applications for the critical life science environments. 

The following scenarios will be presented:

  • Validation
  • Monitoring
  • Long term archiving
  • Reporting
  • Audit trail
  • Interplay between COMOS and the HVAC Piping and Instrumentation Selection Tool

Find out more here 

Virtual laboratory presentation

Experience our virtual laboratory for planning, workflow optimization including system design. Upon completion of the virtual laboratory, the model becomes a digital twin, which increases efficiency and facilitates employee training throughout the entire operating phase.

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Integrated solutions for safe, efficient and compliant critical environments

Critical environment solutions from Siemens integrate all areas of building technology ranging from fire safety and security to heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and lighting. By integrating these areas we help you to protect your personnel, assets and processes, increasing your efficiency and ensuring verifiable regulatory compliance over the entire life cycle of your facility. This model demonstrates the operation and control of multiple disciplines of integrated building automation and control systems.

  • Protection of personnel, assets and processes
  • Consistent highest quality and regulatory compliance
  • Optimized operating costs throughout the whole life cycle
  • Challenges of reliable fire detection in large volume air flows
  • Keeping comfortable operating conditions in laboratories

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