Asia-Pacific Conference 2018

Unlock the Potential of Digitalization in Asia-Pacific
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Digital transformation of cities

Asia-Pacific Conference 2018

Siemens is pleased to join the 16th Asia-Pacific Conference (APK) – the leading German Business event in Asia-Pacific – to address today’s most relevant topics like Industry 4.0, Infrastructure in Asia, and Smart and Sustainable Urbanization and share insights with government leaders and industry experts. 


The conference creates an atmosphere for the attendees to discuss and promote economic relations between Europe’s biggest economy and the fastest growing region in the world. Thus, the APK provides a platform for dialogue and – as the biggest German networking event in the Asia-Pacific region – many opportunities to strengthen business and personal relations among the participants.

For further information on this event, please follow the link to the official website: 

Unlock the Potential of Digitalization in Asia-Pacific

How data and digital technology help optimize infrastructure and drive competitiveness


Digitalization is changing our world. We are surrounded by intelligent devices that generate massive amounts of data, transforming life and business. However, in most places, buildings, energy systems and transport networks have hardly changed in nature. With dedicated Siemens digital solutions, urban infrastructure and industries can be augmented to unlock the potential of digitalization for a more sustainable, resilient, and competitive future in the Asia-Pacific Region.


Siemens’ contribution to the 16th APK will focus around the Belt and Road Initiative, Industry 4.0 and Digitalization with our Mindsphere IoT operating system.


Siemens will also be present with a booth showcasing our Digital Solutions for buildings and plants, how to boost energy efficiency and interactive Mindsphere use cases.

Connecting Asia and Europe: Belt and Road & Beyond

Infrastructure development in Asia is high on the agenda. China’s Belt and Road Initiative is intensely debated in many of China’s neighboring countries. The EU-Comission is working on a Connectivity Strategy vis-à-vis Central and Eastern Europe. India and Japan launched the Free and Open Indo Pacific Strategy. What’s in it for your business?


Listen to CEO Joe Kaeser’s speech and the subsequent panel discussion about the importance of the new Silk Road for future business. Starting at 1 p.m. on November 2nd.


Additionally to the APK, Jakarta is hosting the Startup Side Event for Startup Asia Berlin. This Siemens sponsored platform between the startup hubs Berlin, Manila, Jakarta and Bangalore is fostering cooperation and creating independent productive ecosystems. Join in and listen to MBM Cedrik Neike’s Keynote speech: “Siemens and Start-ups – Shaping the future with a powerful ecosystem."

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