The Battery Show Europe 2019

The Battery Show Europe 2019

May 07 - 09, 2019, Stuttgart | Booth 632
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Welcome to The Battery Show Europe

Digital Enterprise for battery industry – Implement now!

You can look forward to innovative technologies and solutions that support you in making your machines and plants for battery cell and battery module/ pack production more efficient! Discover our automation and digitalization portfolio, which allows you to tap the full potential of your battery production.


At the Battery Show Europe, we will show you at booth 632 actual examples from intriguing use cases, beginning with battery design and production planning through to the manufacture of battery cells and battery modules/packs, all the way to the charging of batteries for electric cars.


Our highlight topics

Reducing the use of expensive and rare raw materials in battery cell production

To reduce the use of valuable and expensive materials such as cobalt, nickel, manganese, and lithium, the optimal recipe must already have been identified before the battery cell is produced. Simcenter Star CCM+ software calculates the optimal mixing ratio and validates the electrochemical composition. The cell itself is also designed ahead of time in Simcenter Star CCM+ to identify the ideal cell format.


» Simcenter

» Simcenter STAR-CCM+

Faster startup of battery mass production

To meet growing demand, Siemens enables fast commissioning of production facilities. Plant Simulation supports virtual planning of the following characteristics: energy flow and consumption analyses, material flow, logistics and business processes of battery production, “what if” scenarios, optimization and bottleneck analyses.


» Tecnomatix Plant Simulation

Increased plant transparency and stable production processes

For a smooth production process, individual production sections must be linked with one another and optimally synchronized. Machine statuses can be uniformly defined and machine data identified in real time via the standardized OPC UA interface. The production data is archived and analyzed in the SCADA system (WinCC), thus ensuring process transparency.



» Siemens OPC UA Modeling Editor (SiOME)


Optimal machine performance and production quality

During the winding process, machine data is collected by SIMATIC Edge and compared to a digital winder model. This allows the machine to be continuously optimized and the maximum speed to be determined, depending on the maximum quantity and minimum waste.


» Industrial Edge

» MindSphere

» Future of Automation

Faster and simpler robot integration

The robot program is integrated into SIMATIC S7-1500 using the free robotics solution in the TIA Portal. Robot systems from different manufacturers can thus be quickly and easily integrated into the complete automation system of the plant or machine.


» Robot integration in the TIA Portal

Faster development of battery production machines

Automation engineering can be performed in parallel to the mechanical development of the machine using the TIA Portal and SIMOTION Scout. The physical and kinematic model of a machine is mapped in NX MCD. The converting toolbox can be used in the control program at no charge and provides adaptable function blocks such as prismatic winding.


» TIA Portal

» Mechatronic Concept Design

» Further solutions for Converting

» Further solutions for Handling

More efficient Battery Module & Pack production

With the long-time expertise and experience on comprehensive automation standard in Automotive industry, we also offer the innovative technologies and standardized platform based on TIA Portal for the battery module and pack production to enable higher flexibility, efficiency and quality.



» Automotive Manufacturing




Multi-Carrier System for maximum flexibility in module/pack production

The innovative Multi-Carrier System transport solution creates maximum flexibility in the machine. The breakup of the rigid chaining of conventional transport routes creates a new degree of freedom and offers maximum dynamics.


» Multi-Carrier-System

eCharging with SIMATIC – optimum charging infrastructure

Implement standardized, effective AC & DC charging systems for electromobility based on SIMATIC portfolio strengths.


Intelligent technology modules, free scalability, open interfaces, and minimal space requirements ensure easy integration into existing infrastructures and maximum scalability.


» eCar Charging


The Battery Show Conference

Also visit our presentations at the Battery Show Europe conference.

01:30 - 04:00 p.m. | Reducing Cost and Increasing Speed to Market Through Virtual Battery Design & Simulation

Theme:     Design and analysis of a Battery Pack for a Light Weight Sports Car 

Speaker:   Buonfiglioli Marco, Principal Engineer, Siemens

02:00 - 03:15 p.m. | Powertrain Efficiency: Evaluating the Different Techniques for Improving the Energy Efficiency of The Electric Powertrain

Theme:     Generative Engineering: Automatically Creating and Evaluating Hybrid Powertrain Architectures 

Speaker:   Johan Vanhuyse, Research & Application Engineer, Siemens

11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. | Fast Charging: What Impact Will Fast Charging and XFC Have on Powertrain Design and What Are the Latest Developments in Dynamic Charging Systems?

Theme:    Dynamic Charging Catenary Electrified Heavy Road Transport

Speaker:   Gerrit Stumpe, Business Development eHighway, Siemens Mobilty

02:00 - 03:00 p.m. | Ramping Up Battery Assembly to Meet Future OEM Demand: Building Gigafactories in the EU

Theme:     Review of Current Battery Factories For Europe and Outlook on Future Potentials For an Integrated Value Chain

Speaker:   Marc Deyda, Global Business Development Battery Manufacturing, Siemens AG

Creating the better battery

Proven automation and digital solutions for the battery industry