Building Trends 2017

June 20 - 22, 2017, The Crystal London, UK
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Welcome to Building Trends 2017

Future challenges and solutions for fire business

We believe that the places we spend time in have a great influence on our lives. They affect how we grow, how we develop, what we achieve, who we become. We believe in creating perfect places. It is our inspiration and vision. Thus we want you to rely on our support and products to meet the requirements of any challenging project.


Take a 10 minute walk along the waterfront from the FIREX convention center ExCel to visit “The Crystal”. It is the first building to achieve the highest sustainable building accolades from the world‘s two leading accreditation bodies LEED and BREEAM. It is the most sustainable building in London.


We would like to take the opportunity to talk to you about our innovative solutions and give you privileged information on specific market trends in the fire business. And if you are a fire safety engineer, you can even earn credits during our building trends event. Enjoy the free refreshments while visiting our exhibition and listening to our talks on how we can support you. Take the chance to network among selected consultants, Siemens Senior Management as well as sales and product specialists.


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What to expect

Follow all the latest developments and trends – and learn how Siemens' innvovative solutions are helping cities all over the world to meet the challenges of urbanization, climate change, and globalization.


Our highlight topics

Pictures of the future

What are the key technology trends and scenarios of the future? Our experts will share with you what we expect to be the pictures of the future.

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BIM – the holistic view by Siemens

Building information modeling (BIM) is the equivalent of digitalization in the construction industry: It is a digitally supported process for planning, constructing and operating buildings that enables a significant productivity increase in the construction industry.

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Energy efficiency – the right balance between comfort, building performance and sustainability

Buildings represent 40% of primary energy use globally, and energy consumption in buildings is projected to rise sustainably.
At the same time increasing resource scarcity, legal risks and growing operating costs as well as different requirements from different users, are just some of the challenges that need to be taken into consideration when thinking about energy efficiency and sustainable buildings.

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Data centers - ensure maximum safety and uptime

When a fire in a data center occurs, business-critical assets and irreplaceable data are at stake. Seconds count, so earliest fire detection and reliable extinguishing are key. With our state-of-the-art fire safety portfolio you can keep your data center up and running.

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Hotels ‒ protecting people, business continuity and reputation

Being responsible for a hotel, your primary concern is that your guests enjoy their safe stay. Besides offering first-rate services, this also includes ensuring maximum life safety. Fire safety in hotels is delicate: You have to protect various areas with different environmental conditions – and you don’t want your guests to see the detectors and panels. You need devices that quickly detect the first sign of fire and lead your guests safely out of the danger zone. At the same time, the fire protection system has to be highly reliable because nothing can be more annoying than a false alarm.

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Historical buildings and museums - protecting people and cultural heritage

Fire safety in all buildings is a critical topic, but fire protection in historical buildings and museums is also of great cultural importance. Fire and the consequential damage can result in monetary losses that run into the tens of millions of Euros and the loss of irreplaceable historical artifacts. Restoring these damaged buildings and items can be very costly and sometimes impossible.

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Educational facilities - Safeguarding our future!

Safeguarding educational facilities is a challenge: it involves protecting the lives of thousands of people, ensuring uninterrupted learning as well as keeping buildings, unique documents and research assets safe. Siemens offers an advanced portfolio for reliable fire protection for all campus applications – student accommodation, research facilities, event venues and server rooms – each of which has its own specific challenges. The offering from Siemens covers all aspects of fire safety: false alarm-free early fire detection, orderly evacuation, safe extinguishing and a large, fail-safe system network for the entire campus.

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Stage Program


During the whole afternoon you will have the opportunity to visit our exhibition. There you can talk to our experts and senior management about how we can help you create perfect places.

Where: The Crystal

Time: 14:00-20:00

Language: English


After a short welcome you will have the opportunity to visit our different presentations on future building trends and challenges.

Where: The Crystal

Time: 14:45-18:30

Language: English

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