Connecting grids at CIGRE session 2018

Paris, France, August 26-31,2018. Palais des Congrès, Booth 354
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Unlock the potential of digitalization

It’s time to set the course for the future in the increasingly decarbonized and distributed energy landscape. Digitalization provides the key to success in this complex environment that is characterized by a large number of market players as well as multilayered energy, information, and finance streams. It enables predictive planning, enhanced network operation, and additional value creation beyond the provision of grid capacity.   During this year’s CIGRE session, Siemens experts explained how to seize the digital opportunity and take the lead in the transition to a safer and even more efficient energy system.    Thank you for visiting us!

Whitepaper "Digitalization of energy systems"

The Whitepaper “Digitalization of energy systems” by Bloomberg New Energy Finance is focusing on how digitalization is shaping the energy industry. The paper examines the current impact of digital assets in the power infrastructure and gives an outlook on future drivers and opportunities in this business field.

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Make efficient use of new opportunities

Predictive planning

Comprehensive consulting, planning, and simulation form the basis for future-proof infrastructures that promise lasting economic success. Innovative financing approaches from Siemens help minimize the impact of capital investment on your equity and liquidity.

Digitally enhanced operation

Siemens’ future-oriented portfolio combines traditional power transmission technology and digitalization skills. It provides you with lasting solutions for efficient and reliable power transmission across long distances, for the economical incorporation of renewable energy sources and grid stabilization, and for the development of resilient transmission infrastructures that will stand up to current and future risks.

Additional value creation

Added value is increasingly generated through interaction with other market players. Typical examples are energy trading, demand response, and customer engagement. If you want to leverage these potentials, you can build on data communication and intelligent data analytics using applications powered by MindSphere.

Digital substations take grid operation to the next level

Siemens has developed trendsetting, integrated solutions that help you unlock the potential of digitalization by making use of the ongoing IT/OT convergence as well as the wealth of data that have become available at all points of the grid.

A prime example is the unique 360° portfolio for digital substations that ensures that your digital substations come with the future built in – enabling greater business agility and increased operational efficiency while contributing to better grid availability and reliability as well as an optimized management of investments. 

See how digitalization helps you understand, maintain, and optimize your grid and create added value beyond the provision of transmission capacity.

What the experts say

Digitalization provides the prerequisites for success in an increasingly decarbonized and distributed energy landscape – and it’s gaining momentum. Here’s where you can get first-hand insights from international transmission experts. Learn more about their expectations and experiences with digitally enabled technology in the context of a changing market environment.

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Digital Substation Highlight Showcase Sensformer<sup>®</sup>: Born connected / Transformers meet connectivity Pretact<sup>®</sup> - React in advance / Transformers meet connectivity SITRAM Digital Products for Transformers’ Monitoring and Diagnostics Low-Power Instrument Transformers / Protection and Metering Technology for Digital Substation HV Bushing Monitoring / Condition-based maintenance and enhanced operation SIPROTEC and Merging Unit / Process Bus Solution with SIPROTEC 5 Substation Automation / Digitalization of Process- and Station Level Digital Substation / Solutions and Services Power Line Communication / High data rates for digital transmission grids Powerlink IP Model Managing the future grid / Reliable solutions for grid access and DC power supply Digital services / Get more out of your assets Predictive planning of transmission networks PSS<sup>®</sup> power system simulation and modeling software Electrical Digital Twin Digital Solutions for Brownfield T&D Inspection and Operations Financial Services for future energy systems Advanced Grid Control / Spectrum Power Transmission Management SIEAERO / Advanced solution for overhead line inspection Ensuring grid resilience / Mobile solutions for substations and FACTS SVC PLUS FS / Frequency and voltage support for dynamic grid stability Mobile STATCOM for grid support at +/- 50 Mvar RUGGEDCOM / Communications solutions for the Digital Substation Blue Product Portfolio / Innovative technology for CO2-neutral footprint HV Vacuum Interrupter Model 1 / F-gas free technology for AIS and GIS up to 420 kV / 63 kA HV Vacuum Interrupter Model 2 / F-gas free technology for AIS and GIS up to 420 kV / 63 kA Fluence – A Siemens and AES Company / The next big thing in energy storage Virtual HVDC PLUS<sup>®</sup> / Operational efficiency by digital planning MindSphere Application Center / Make digitalization happen - together! MindSphere Application Center / Make digitalization happen - together! Dialogstation OMNETRIC

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Sustainable solutions for a safe future

The energy mix is currently changing fundamentally in many places, while the demand for electrical energy keeps increasing rapidly in other parts of the world. Innovative solutions from Siemens provide answers to the various new challenges. Around the world they pave the way for the secure, stable and efficient power transmission of the future today.
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