Digital Cities Forum 2017

10 am to 4.15 pm (Registration opens at 9:30 am) 1 Siemens Brothers Way, E16 1GB, London, UK
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Thank you for visiting the Digital Cities Forum 2017- the event that gathered more than 300 participants from all over the world and featured speakers including Dr. Roland Busch (Siemens Board Member), Hock Yun Khoong (Chief Digital Evangelist, Singapore) Lewis Horne (Uniti CEO) and Patrick Feehily (Greater London Authority). We hope you enjoyed the discussions and best practice sharing, discovering new ideas and visiting the market place to experience new technologies that will drive the digitalization of our cities.   Hope to see you soon at one of our events. Your Siemens Team

Speaker Presentations

Digital Cities Forum 2017

Urbanization in the age of digital disruption. Watch the highlights.

Programme of the day

Join industry experts, thought-leaders, city representatives and start-ups for an inspiring day as we explore the opportunities through digitalization and technology to transform cities. Please note that some speakers may be subject to change.

When we think of cities we think about the physical materials that they are made of: bricks, concrete, glass and steel. The foundation for successful cities is high quality core infrastructure with water and sewerage systems, energy networks and transportation. Now and in the future cities will utilize new building blocks to help construct and improve their cities: data. This panel looks at different ways in which data is already helping to plan for the cities of the future and to deliver real improvements for infrastructure and citizens. It will explore the extent to which Big Data can help to deliver smart cities. With city experts from leading European cities we will explore how data is managing traffic, energy, air quality and health, plus how deployment of data is improving the quality of life for people in cities. Let a city talk to you.

Speaker: Frans-Anton Vermast, Senior Strategy Advisor for Low Carbon and Connected Urban Planning at Amsterdam Smart City, Dr. Eugen Antalovsky, CEO of Smart City Vienna TINA Vienna GmbH, Tiina Kaho, executive director at the Helsinki metropolitan Smart and Clean foundation, Sameer Sharma, General Manager IOT Solutions at Intel, Chair: Joe Dignan  (Future Cities Catapult) 

Answering the questions that all cities ask, ‘what is the return on investment from smart city projects’, Siemens and Arup will be launching their latest research in conjunction with Aberdeen, Alba Iulia, Brussels, Kartal and London, the participating cities in this groundbreaking and market leading research. Revealing the results of which infrastructure investments provide the best returns, and the co-benefits arising to the city from these investments, this session will provide an overview of how the five cities collaborating in this study can benefit from prioritizing their investments based on strategic planning and analytics. Hear firsthand what each of these cities has learnt being part of this study and how they plan to move forward with their own smart city investments.

Speakers: Andrew Collinge (Assistant Director of Intelligence, Greater London Authority), Gordon Wright (Future City Strategist, Aberdeen City Council), Céline Vanderborght (Smart Cities Officer for Brussels Region, Belgium), Burak Korkmaz (Urban Design Project Officer, Kartal Municipality, City of Istanbul), Nicolaie Moldovan (City Manager at Alba Iulia Municipality, Romania), Chair: Julie Alexander (Urban Development Director, Siemens Centre of Competence Cities)

The three year programme Sharing Cities under Horizon 2020 Smart Cities and Communities programme will supports new smart city technologies to maximise their benefit for Londoners and prove that they can be repeated throughout Europe. The ‘Sharing Cities’ consortium led by London also involves Milan and Lisbon. The programme will see Greenwich used as a testing ground for new technology to deliver a better future for local people. The project will also develop a new model of sharing data across cities to make the best use of encyclopaedic amount of information now available that can be used to change the way cities, their communities and services work. This will deliver a common data sharing platform that can be used by all the programme cities and beyond.

Start-ups are playing an important role in changing how we think about data management and services delivered to citizens. Combining the agility of start- ups and solutions offered by large technology companies could hold the key to unlocking many digitalization benefits. But can they work together effectively? In this panel we will hear more about how start-ups, cities and large companies are innovating in areas such as autonomous vehicles, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, distributed energy systems and blockchain. Unleashing the potential of these technologies could create cleaner, more sustainable and more efficient urban environments.

Speakers: Robert Hardt, Partner next47, Denes Honus (GreenCitySolutions), Jaime de Mora (Carto), Luciano Franceschina (Teralytics), Chair: Antony Oliver

This presentation will outline the future scenarios of transportation in digitally enhanced cities and the role of electric vehicles in creating cleaner, less energy intensive and less congested cities. Lewis will showcase how Uniti grew from being a small crowd funded start up from Sweden to one of the fastest growing, global and most influencing high-tech electric car company that uses digital platforms and fully automated factory production.


Director of Urban Development, Siemens

Working with cities around the world on their Smart City planning, Julie has been developing technical strategies to address some of the infrastructure challenges that are facing many urban centres today, and doing so by applying digitally enabled technology. Inspiring this latest research project was the unremitting question posed to her by every City Hall, ‘what is the business case for digital infrastructure and what returns can be expected?’ Now in this latest publication Julie will be sharing the findings of an 18 month research project to uncover the likely return on investment of digitally enabled urban infrastructure. This research follows on from her book published last year entitled Smart Cities: Cities in the Digital Age.

He is a researcher, author, moderator and senior advisor, on urban development, migration, integration and social inclusion, metropolitan governance and European democracy. Dr. Eugen Antalovsky provides consulting and services for stakeholder dialogues and strategy process in public organisations and European Networks. For 21 years he was the CEO of europaforum wien – Centre for Urban Dialogue and European Policy. After the merger, he became the CEO of TINA Vienna GmbH, a research, service and consulting company on smart cities and urban futures.

Dr. Roland Busch is Chief Technology Officer and Member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG. He is responsible for the Divisions Building Technologies and Mobility as well as for Corporate Technology, Corporate Development and the company’s activities in the area of sustainability. He is also responsible for next47, a separate legal entity of Siemens that drives innovation with a focus on start-ups, and for Siemens’ regional businesses in the Middle East and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

Sarah Butler is a programme coordinator within Digital Greenwich which leads the Royal Borough of Greenwich’s comprehensive smart city programme. She has particular responsibility for the management of the Sharing Cities smart city and communities’ demonstrator – part of a €25 million EU funded programme trialling ambitious smart city innovations in energy, transport and other city infrastructure, with demonstrator areas in Lisbon, Milan and Greenwich. Sarah has extensive experience of how the public sector can create more sustainable, efficient and prosperous communities through embracing the use of data, smart city technologies and approaches, and the application of low carbon technologies. 

Assistant Director of Intelligence, Greater London Authority

Andrew is a member of the Senior Management Team of the GLA. He runs the GLA Intelligence Unit, whose job it is to manage and exploit city data so that it feeds policy and strategy development in the authority. He is Director of “Sharing Cities”, a €25m European Commission Smart Cities and Communities demonstrator programme being run across the cities of London, Lisbon and Milan. Andrew is passionate about how data and supporting technologies can be used to drive public service improvement and city life. He is responsible for the London Datastore, recognised internationally as a winner in the Open Data Institute’s annual awards, and is working with Nesta to trial a data science approach to public service modernisation. 

Joe Dignan is engaged at the Future City Catapult, is on the World Bank and EC Smart City Expert Framework and is a Senior Research Fellow at Cluster for Sustainable Cities. Previously the Chief Analyst, EMEA Public Sector of Ovum, he joined Ovum from Microsoft where he was the World Wide Industry Managing Director for Local and Regional Government. He has been involved internationally in national security, economic development, education and digital enablement.

For the last year Patrick has been the GLA’s Assistant Director for Environment. This covers a range of policy and delivery areas - from Climate Change Adaptation through to new Smart Environmental technologies. A qualified environmental professional with 10 years’ experience of integrating sustainability into strategic policy and delivery across London and the South East, Patrick had previously been working on co-developing London’s approach to social action and volunteering in the aftermath of the Olympic Games. Having mobilised 90,000 volunteers through the Mayor’s Team London programme Patrick has returned to the fold and is keen to integrate those learnings across the Environment and sustainability agenda.

Robert is a catalyst partner at next47, the independent investment arm of Siemens. In his role he initiates and oversees all projects that aim to make Siemens small for startups and interact with the regions and businesses to foster the integration of innovation coming out of startup ecosystems.

Mature companies globally are experiencing a digital revolution, whilst others are being born directly into this evolving digital ecosystem. The company as a digital native, isn’t learning digitisation, it knows nothing else. In this world, virtual, robotic and human realms coexist seamlessly. Lewis Horne is the CEO of electric car startup Uniti Sweden, where a fully automated factory is being launched from a digital platform.

Tiina Kähö is the Executive Director of Helsinki Metropolitan Smart & Clean Foundation. Tiina brings a cleantech operating model into the world’s cities for new solutions. She leads a unique Smart & Clean Project, which is turning the Helsinki Metropolitan area into the world’s best testbed for smart and clean solutions. The cooperation between cities, businesses, research organisations, Finnish government and citizens is unique to the world.

Hock Yun Khoong is the Chief Digital Evangelist of the Info-communications and Media Development Authority (IMDA), a statutory board under the Ministry of Communications and Information in Singapore. As CDE, he promotes Singapore’s international thought leadership as a Digital Hub. He has more than 30 years of experience in both industry and government, and held various senior management positions in the technology sector. 

Urban Design Project Officer, Kartal Municipality, City of Istanbul

Architect Burak Korkmaz works in architectural and urban design projects in Municipality of Kartal/Istanbul, he also represents his office in EU projects such as R2CITIES and BUILDUPON. His major is Architecture and he also holds MA and MSc degrees. Mr. Korkmaz is interested in topics such as energy, sustainability, smart cities, data analytics and security.

Birgit Kredel, Corporate Vice President, Siemens AG, Munich.

Birgit Kredel is Corporate Vice President of Siemens AG at the global Headquarters in Munich. Since October 2016 she is Head of Siemens One and Head of the Global Center of Competence for Cities & Smart Urban Development in London, overseeing business development in 106 cities worldwide, focusing on

intelligent infrastructure in the domains of Buildings, Energy and Transportation. Mrs. Kredel is also Member of the Corporate Sales Board, Siemens AG.

Juergen Maier is Chief Executive Officer of Siemens UK. He is a passionate advocate of the UK rebalancing its economy and has supported many UK-wide initiatives championing manufacturing, improved infrastructure and engineering skills. He has recently been asked by the Government department BEIS to lead a new review on Industrial Digitalisation for UK Manufacturing. 

Nicolaie Moldovan - City Manager of Alba Iulia, has got a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Sciences and a Master's Degree in Public Service Management. He has worked in the local public administration for 15 years and has specialized in community development supported by international and national funding. In the Alba Iulia City Hall, he coordinates fund raising activities for the local budget, the city’s international relations as well as the relationship with civil society or businesses. He is currently focused on the implementation of the Alba Iulia Smart City 2018 pilot project and on implementing the city’s branding strategy for increasing the reputation of Alba Iulia, nationally and internationally, as a destination for tourism and related services

Antony Oliver works with a range of clients across the infrastructure sector to boost communication and marketing strategies and to stimulate discussion and action in the industry. He spent the last two decades working as a journalist and editor with New Civil Engineer magazine. He is a chartered civil engineer and Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers. He is a member of the Construction Leadership Council’s communications and strategy groups, assists the Green Construction Board's Infrastructure Working Group and is a Trustee of the Built Environment Trust.

Sameer Sharma is the General Manager (New Market Development) for IOT Solutions at Intel and a thought leader in IOT/Mobile ecosystem, having driven multiple strategic initiatives over the past 17 years. Sameer leads a global team that drives new growth categories for Intel in IOT and Smart Cities. His team focuses on pursuing and incubating new revenue streams and establishing leadership across the industry playing a pivotal role in deploying solutions for the development of smart cities around the world—an important effort in furthering the goal of sustainability. These solutions include Air Quality Monitoring, Smart Lighting, Smart Parking, and Smart Transportation. With far-reaching impact, each of these solutions are providing local governments a plethora of data to enhance the daily quality of life for citizens while simultaneously promoting responsible practices to protect the environment.

Frans-Anton Vermast is Senior Strategy Advisor for Low Carbon and Connected Urban Planning at Amsterdam Smart City. He is an expert in searching for the opportunities of novel applications and services that make cities a more habitable place for its citizens where it is pleasant to live, work and play. He is specialised in developing Smart Cities as open and user centric platforms as well as holistic and cross silo approaches through collaborative bottom up approaches and citizens engagement. His objective for working in projects like Smart Work, Smart Grids, Smart Living, Smart City and Smart Mobility is to create a more sustainable and liveable environment and boost social and economic benefits to increase citizens well-being. 

Smart Cities Officer for Brussels Region, Belgium

At a time when the smart city concept was far from a reality, the Brussels-Capital Region was already preparing the ground, among other things with the IRISbox electronic desk. That was at the beginning of the 2000s, when Céline Vanderborght was already playing an active role in these developments anticipating the smart city as e-Government Manager at the Brussels Regional Informatics Centre, a position she held until 2006. Since 2015, Céline has been Smart City Manager for the Brussels Region, a role that is directly in line with her initial professional experience at the service of the Region.

Future City Strategist, Aberdeen City Council

Gordon supports the strategic aims of Aberdeen’s “Digital Place” and “Being Digital” programmes to encourage collaboration, engagement and investment in Smart City technologies and Investments.

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