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Digital Enterprise SPS Dialog


Agenda preview

Thanks for your interest in our Digital Enterprise SPS Dialog. We look forward to offering you an exciting and attractive program on November 26. Check here to see the confirmed lecture topics. And much more is to come! We’ll be continually updating this overview, so check back to keep up to date!


  • A virtual journey through the Digital Enterprise
  • Industrialize Additive Manufacturing - from serial production of individualized consumer goods to infinite build industrial robotics printing
  • New concepts for edge technology
  • AI - what's in for you?
  • Cloud computing: Start for free with MindSphere
  • Digital connectivity and industrial 5G 
  • IoT based Leasing - new business models
  • Digital Enterprise for the brewery industry - a 3D walk inside tour
  • Financial Services Expert Dialog - showcasing the food and beverage industry
  • The Siemens IIoT challenge - creating solutions together
  • New glas production concepts for the automotive industry
  • Digital Enterprise Services:  Three steps away from a digital enterprise
  • The importance of cybersecurity in small and medium sized enterprises
  • Overall system for intelligent power distribution
  • Simulation for automation
  • Experience the SIMATIC PCS neo process control system with a customer example