E-world energy & water 2019

February 5 - 7, 2019, Messe Essen - Hall 3, Booth 3-211 
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Connecting an all-electric world

Agility is the main quality required from all participants of the energy ecosystem on a pro-active journey towards 3D grids to capitalize on the multitude of opportunities. The ongoing global energy transition opens two battlefields: intelligent grids and consumer-centric business models. With our combined solutions for Electrification, Automation and Digitalization we will create multilayered, decentralized, and connected grids for our customers, allow to create suitable business models, and invest in the best solutions. In the fast-changing energy system - driven by decentralization and decarbonization - digitalization is the key enabler to create additional value. We would like to take the opportunity that E-world 2019 offers to talk to you about these and many more challenges of the future – and show you ways to get the most out of this transformation.

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In a world that is moving faster than ever before, MindSphere can be your key to keeping power supply systems from buildings to public grids as efficient, reliable, and sustainable as possible. And to take advantage of the potential offered by innovative, digitally enabled solutions – from the control room to the automation systems all the way to the consumer.


Find out more about MindSphere – The cloud-based open IoT operating system from Siemens:


Internet of Energy

The future energy system will be characterized by a high degree of distributed generation and bidirectional, constantly fluctuating energy flows that need to be managed. The Internet of Energy links power producers, power infrastructure operators, and consumers to master this difficult task.

Smart applications such as EnergyIP Analytics, EnergyIP DEOP for decentralized energy optimization, and SDM for substation device monitoring take full advantage of IoT connectivity and MindSphere, Siemens’ cloud-based, open IoT operating system. This way they provide the information required to coordinate supply and demand and to ensure grid stability and security of supply.


Find out more: www.siemens.com/mindsphere-application-center/energy-management

Distributed Energy Systems (DES)

Multiple participants for multiple benefits

The traditional centralized model of linear power generation and delivery through limited market or monopoly conditions is giving way, especially on a local level, to more diverse, dynamic, and complex systems with multiple actors and multilayered energy, information, and money flows. These are called Distributed Energy Systems (DES). Innovative AC and DC solutions, e. g. Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS) and MVDC PLUS offer active grid control to manage the future grid.


Find out more: 



SMATRICS is a full service provider when it comes to e-mobility. We are the first provider in Austria to establish a comprehensive, customer-oriented network with public charging and high-speed charging stations, which are supplied with 100 % renewable energies.

The range of services also includes the installation and maintenance of private charging stations (wallboxes), Mobile App, 24 hour customer hotline, customised mobility packages and other innovative solutions.


Find out more: https://smatrics.com/business-loesungen

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