Datacloud Global Congress 2019

June 04 – 06, 2019 | Grimaldi Forum Monaco | Booth 83
Welcome to Datacloud Global Congress 2019

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Maximum uptime. Highest energy efficiency. Full scalability. Utmost security and safety. The stakes are high, and challenges are manifold for data center infrastructure managers. We have therefore pooled our vast expertise and experience in data center services operations to support them across several disciplines. We do this with a comprehensive portfolio of integrated data center solutions and global services for optimized sustainability, security, fire safety and reliable performance – day in, day out, around the clock.

Working with Siemens means you can get solutions from energy distribution, safety and security, cooling and even power generation. We create data center environments that are efficient, safe and reliable.
Head Data Center Solutions & Services Region Europe
Data management has become one of the pillars of our economy. Transparency is essential for safe and reliable operations – and so is a standard set of management tools. Visit my presentation on the 5th of June in the central theater to learn about seamless integration and how to manage the complexity of your data center easier than before.
Global Portfolio Manager Data Center
Did you know that 40% of the total operating costs for a data center come from the energy needed to power and cool the facility?
Global Account Manager Siemens

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If you want to receive the presentation on the power of seamless integration from Giuseppe Leto and two of our whitepapers please register. One whitepaper is a Data Center Cooling Report that provides market assessments of current cooling strategies and patters to address. The second whitepaper discusses the development of a managed-risk fire protection concept for stationary Li-ion battery energy storage systems.