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In the showroom ZUKUNFTSRAUMENERGIE by Siemens AG we present innovative solutions from the project work of WindNODE and invite all interested school classes and experts to engage in an inspiring information and experience exchange in the area of intelligent solutions for rebuilding Germany’s energy system. Project WindNODE is funded by the BMWi (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie - Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy) with the aim to develop practical solutions for the energy transition. In a network of energy users, flexible solutions are being developed to make the power consumptions flexible with varying power availability of wind and solar plants. 

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Using energy intelligently

With the showroom ZUKUNFTSRAUMENERGIE we create a place for information and exchange, with interesting interactive displays about the experiences of our work so far and present innovative solutions for flexible distribution of industrial energy loads. Come with us on a digital journey into the energy system of the future. In interactive scenarios you can model different energy mixes of wind and solar generation and learn how the proportion of renewable energy can be increased in an energy system.

Scenario: Ventilation and cold storage

Our scenario „ventilation- and cold storage” shows you how an automated energy management intelligently manages the renewable energy part of the power grid. With conventional air conditioning and cold storage systems, the heat and cool power is controlled in direct relation to the room and outside air temperature. With an intelligent temperature control, instead of using one set target temperature, a set point range is used so that the temperature difference is hardly noticeable. In much the same way, an energy management system uses the set point range by increasing the energy consumption when the renewable part of the power grid is high or is decreasing when the availability of the renewable energy part is low. By doing this, the purchase of energy is optimised and the energy network is not put under strain. Our interactive live system shows how the control of the energy consumption according to the wind and sun may look like with an intelligent energy management system.

Flexible power consumer

Based on ordinary electrical domestic appliances, we demonstrate six load profiles of our energy flexibility barometer. Detailed visualisations of different load profiles and the presentation of the energy consumption promote the understanding of basic technical terms like power and energy in context with flexible load control. Interactively, you can find out how to be flexible with the energy consumption of domestic appliances.

Energy Tetris

Our Energy Tetris is the fun continuation of the energy flexibility barometer scenario and shows the intelligent industrial load management at the Siemens production site. The knowledge of load profiles and load-flexibilization is transferred to the industrial facilities and processes.


Load profiles of real production processes can be shifted where possible to align with the highest share of renewables in the power grid and low electricity costs. In that way, real times series of wind and photovoltaic power feed-in come into play, together with the corresponding wholesale prices and energy network charges.

A journey through Germany’s energy system

With this scenario you undertake a journey through Germany’s energy system and dive into a world of energy flows – from heat to traffic to electric current. A detailed energy flow chart makes the interconnections visible. Everyone can experience the impacts on the energy system in the past and future from several focal points – for example: The air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, the use of fossil and renewable energy sources, the primary and end energy demand or the demand of material resources. Interactively, you can create and play through several energy transition scenarios to explore the expected and unexpected interactions of the whole energy system.


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We need intelligent solutions that align our energy demand with the energy availability of the wind and sun. In the WindNODE Showroom – ZUKUNFTSRAUMENERGIE we show you if and how that might work. You are warmly invited to look at the approaches of solutions and discuss with us their implementation. We are looking forward for your visit. The showroom is open for visitors, so please don’t hesitate to arrange a visit with us.

We are happy to guide you through our showroom ZUKUNFTSRAUMENERGIE and present to you each project in north east Germany. You are also welcome to visit as a group. School classes are very welcome. Visiting times can be arranged daily from 9am – 5pm. You can find the ZUKUNFTSRAUMENERGIE in Rohrdamm 85 in 13629 Berlin.

To arrange a visit, please fill in the form below. Please let us know when you would like to visit and the number of people that would like to attend. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Jörn Hartung by email.