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Thank you for sharing your insights. For having an open mind and willingness to reThink the status quo. For committing to changing process automation for the better.
Digital Future Club event during ACHEMA 2018

Yesterday was only the beginning

Thank you for being our guest at our exclusive Digital Future Club event during ACHEMA 2018. Because of you, it was a great success and laid the foundation for great things in the future.

In both the presentation and the hands-on session, we hope you were able to get a meaningful look at our new Process Control Innovation – one which sets new trends and benchmarks that go beyond existing systems and architectures. As a fun reminder of the open-minded platform, we invite you to take a look at a selection of photographs of our worthwhile exchange of ideas.

We appreciate you valuing the exclusive membership of the Digital Future Club by treating its content with confidentiality and keeping its topics to yourself. 

A bright future

Although ACHEMA 2018 has concluded, the conversation will continue in our soon-to-be-unveiled online portal. It’s a community with select insiders, special content, breaking news, and one-of-a-kind insights. Together, we’ll have the opportunity to continue to share ideas and thoughts. And we will, of course, answer your questions, which you have posed to us on the iPad during the event! Look forward to your personal invitation, which you will receive very soon.

It’s now time to reThink once again.

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