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Hotel Radisson Blu, Frankfurt am Main, Germany Tuesday, June 12th 2018
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Dear customers,

It was a great pleasure to have you with us at THE EVENT – the Siemens customer event at ACHEMA 2018.

We hope you enjoyed the evening among other leaders of the digital transformation and had the opportunity to share opinions and best practices with your peers.
The discussions showed us very clearly: in a constantly changing business environment we all benefit from innovative solutions, co-creation opportunities and partnerships enhancing the digital transformation.


Thank you again for your time and the many inspiring conversations at the Siemens booth and during the evening.  


Let´s continue our dialogue!


Klaus Helmrich, Jürgen Brandes, Eckard Eberle

Key note speaker Felix Plötz, known as an unconventional thinker, with a fresh impetus for digitalization



Everyone is talking about digitalization. What is to be done concretely seems sometimes to be a book with seven seals. Digitalization is not a rocket science, but realistically feasible. For every company. What it takes, however, is the courage to question oneself – the business models, way of thinking and the inner attitude. It requires clear instructions on how digitalization can be implemented quickly and successfully.


Felix Plötz will give a fresh impetus on what needs to be done in order to successfully master digitalization in one's own company. Actionable impulses, inspiration and motivation - for lasting entrepreneurial success in the markets of today and tomorrow. 

Statements Panelists

"Digitalization is causing fundamental changes in collaboration between customers and suppliers. Co-creation leads to new business models and joint initiatives. Interfaces between customer and supplier has to be redefined in the digital world. Everyone has to contribute with their specific expertise so that a joint digitization initiative will finally succeed."

“Together as partners we have the power to accelerate the digital transformation. The technological prerequisites to implement the Digital Enterprise are already in place - from integrated engineering to integrated operations to data-driven services. With this we can ensure more productivity, efficiency and flexibility at every point in the value chain.


For companies to stay competitive in a constantly changing environment on the long run, future oriented innovations are an absolute “must” to unlock the full potential of digitalization.”

"A lot of buzz has been created around Industrie 4.0 and Digitalization. Leading the Digital Transformation for me means making the buzz reality. Together, suppliers and users of automation technology, we need to create real tangible solutions now.


Joint collaboration is key as shown for example by NAMUR, ProcessNet and ZVEI: developing quickly usable solutions for modular automation or open communication via NAMUR Open Architecture.


My near-time dream: when I buy a package unit, it comes with a digital twin, that consists of the engineering documentation and a simulation model, it integrates in my automation solution using the NAMUR module type package at a click of a button and it shares its data inventory, static and dynamic, with all authorized systems and users including e.g. remote maintenance services."

“For a long time PSE is working closely with Siemens as partner on digital process twin technology - for long-term equipment and health monitoring, soft-sensing, forecasting of future process performance, real-time optimisation and operator training based on high-fidelity models.


We’re proud to demonstrate at Achema 2018 at the Siemens booth our deep knowledge, captured and encoded in mathematical models. This collective know how plays an important role in the ongoing digital transformation of the process industries supported by the architecture and design of general digital application platforms.”

Dirk Ramhorst was replaced by Dr. Peter von Zumbusch

„As CIO and former Siemens Alumni the technical aspects of digital transformation are obvious, but I would like to add two further facets.


First a more ethical view, similar to „lean management“. What to do and where to go. What affects our employees and where might be conflicts for our personnel during the digital transformation.


And second, the horizontal integration within B2B. The intelligent combination of delivering base chemicals with digital services, such as the automatic refill of a tank due to level sensors.“


Please see here the impressions of the event.