The virtual booth

Join us on our journey towards the #digitalfairstwin and test this pilot environment.. Nothing is perfect, especially if you try out new ways of doing things :-)

Join the Achema booth journey.

This 1:1 virtual model is a nearly complete digital twin of the real booth we have in hall 11 at Achema 2018.


To access our virtual booth you will require the following:

  • A desktop PC, ideally with a Chrome Browser
  • Some patience regarding the loading and buffering times (about 60 seconds)

You can navigate by using a mouse (to turn around) and the arrow keys (up, down, left, right... gamers use w-a-s). In the upper left corner you can navigate directly to specific areas from A to B.

Once you are in front of a topic presentation buttons will appear that can be used to receive detailed information about the respective topic.


Yes, this is by far not perfect, but we really want to try out this new format in a live environment.

And now: Have fun and launch the virtual booth experience by clicking directly on the digital booth twin.