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Digital Enterprise – Thinking battery industry further!

Discover our automation and digitalization portfolio, which allows you to tap the full potential of your battery production. From electrode production to battery cell and pack production and all the way to the recycling of batteries – get to know our automation and digitalization portfolio to exploit the maximum potential of your battery production!


Our main topics

Start production faster: Virtual commissioning of machines

Virtual commissioning allows testing of the control program at an early stage of engineering without the need for a real machine or plant. Errors can be corrected at an early stage, thus reducing commissioning risks. For example, the electromechanical behavior of a stacking machine can be tested intensely, virtually optimized in advance, and then put into operation safely and quickly. Your benefit is a shorter time-to-market thanks to parallel engineering and improved quality in testing.

Quicker to the battery cell: Innovative automation solutions for highly effective stacking processes

The Institute for Production Technology at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology joined forces with Siemens to develop a process which reduces the time required for stack formation during battery production, thus facilitating a higher throughput. Unwinding and destacking were merged in a single process step to allow flexible single-sheet stack formation. A customized automation concept combines available standard solutions with an optimized process-oriented solution to suit each individual customer.

Seamless operation of your battery production: The plus factor of transparency and efficiency

Siemens offers fully standardized, ready-to-use machine integration for OEM machine builders for the line operating authority. In support of this process, Siemens provides OPC UA and PackML-based standardization. Management systems for line integration such as SIMATIC WinCC OA can be easily integrated, resulting in a higher transparency of all plant information.

Optimum machine performance and production quality with SIMATIC Edge

Continuous machine optimization during operation? SIMATIC Edge makes it possible! Machine data is collected, recorded and evaluated by SIMATIC Edge during the winding process to detect anomalies in the process as well as for the automatic localization of the fault source in a production machine. This allows the machine to be continuously optimized and the maximum speed to be determined, depending on the maximum quantity and minimum waste. With Industrial Edge, you can use the intelligence and scalability of the cloud directly in your production - simply, performant, and without your data leaving production.

Environmental efficiency and battery life cycle: automation concepts for the recycling of batteries

Battery recycling processes can be optimized and become safer by using our automation and digitalization portfolio. Innovative technological approaches are instrumental when developing new processes for increasing throughput and maximizing the recovery of raw materials. For operations involving the disassembly of battery packs in particular, we investigate and validate concepts in collaboration with the machine manufacturers to ensure that we can continue to meet ever increasing requirements, and moreover to organize the recycling process so that it is more sustainable and more cost-effective.

Further topics

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