Consumer Electronics Show 2020

January 6-10, Las Vegas Convention Center Booth No. 813, Westgate

Why is Siemens at a show for consumer electronics?

Usually, the CES is associated with smartphones, notebooks and HD-TVs. This massive tech show in Las Vegas is THE event for consumer electronics: 180,000 attendants, 4400 companies exhibiting, hundreds of product news and announcements by the most innovative minds and organizations. For the first time ever Siemens will be part of CES January 6-10.


This show has evolved into one of the most important platforms for the tech community and international tech media. With topics like self-driving cars, smart cities and vehicle technology, it gets more and more attractive for companies offering transport and mobility solutions.


Globalization, demographic change and urbanization are all impacting society and pose increasingly complex challenges. As a direct consequence of these developments, the need for personal mobility is increasing – and, with it, the demand for improved efficiency and capacity.


Digitalization and automation are key to accelerating automotive and transportation innovation. Collaborating with numerous mobility-related companies, authorities and cities worldwide, we provide the digital grid behind real-world transportation. We offer innovative solutions which enable companies and authorities to rapidly change the mobility network – from development, design and simulation to manufacturing, operations and services for customers and travelers.


This mobility revolution enhances quality of life: making communities more sustainable, and more comfortable to live, work and play.


This is why, for the first time in January 2020, we will participate in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), a preeminent gathering place for the most innovative minds and organizations.


Welcome to the CES, welcome to Las Vegas!

Our exhibition topics for CES 2020

Connecting people through seamless mobility

With comprehensive traffic management systems and intermodal mobility solutions we contribute significantly to a shared, connected, electric and autonomous mobility ecosystem. 

Intelligent roads

On the threshold to the next mobility revolution, which is truly starting to gather momentum now with the rapid progress in the area of self-driving cars, old approaches are coming up against their limits. This is not the only reason, however, why the field of road transport keeps generating new questions that require new answers: smart answers that will help master increasingly complex tasks and simplify ever more complicated issues and open up new opportunities for municipal and regional authorities to actively shape the mobility world for the next generation instead of simply responding to changing conditions.

Shared autonomous mobility

Mobility systems will be disrupted by autonomous vehicles maintaining and enhancing individual mobility options while expanding public transportation options. We call this an optimized transport system supported by self-driving vehicles. Benefits will include overall optimization of the transportation system, fewer vehicles on the road, improved traffic flow and better mobility access while reducing air pollution and guaranteeing increased safety.

Travel companion

With HAFAS applications, riders enjoy an efficient and seamless travel experience. The award-winning system powered by HaCon – a Siemens Company – features real-time, door-to-door trip planning for all available modes of transportation, public, shared, hailed, or private. With integrated ticketing, HAFAS applications become even more valuable travel companions.

Seamless mobility

Due to growing population and congestion as well as pressing environmental requirements, innovative mobility concepts that make it possible for travelers to easily use environmentally friendly public transport are in demand. The Mobility Marketplace powered by Siemens Mobility, HaCon and Bytemark, helps transport service providers to offer seamless travel chains composed of different transport modes automatically tailored to the individual passenger’s needs. It creates the smartest combination of different options with automatic best-price calculation at the end of the trip to guarantee utmost flexibility.

From chip to city

With innovative software solutions we accelerate automotive innovation.

PAVE360 Platform

PAVE360TM is a multi-award winning leading edge system-of-systems simulation platform. Delivering the ability to model complex ADAS and AV systems from an abstract level down to the silicon level with a high degree of confidence.

MindSphere operating system

MindSphere is an open, cloud-based IoT operating system that connects, aggregates and analyzes data from products, plants, machines and IT systems. It facilitates the closed-loop digital twin, which pulls performance data from production and finished products, in near-real time, back into the digital twin of the product and production.

Electric vehicle software solutions

We are shaping the future of automotive industry with our integrated and precise digital twin for electric vehicles. Our comprehensive simulation and testing solutions enable auto industry to build a digital twin of product to ensure systems are optimally designed. In addition, our factory automation technology allows new entrants and established OEMs and suppliers to leverage digital twin of production to address EV manufacturing challenges.


Let us help your company not only achieve significant competitive advantage, ROI, and operational performance edge in developing electric vehicles, but also help evolve in this era of new mobility.

Automotive embedded software

A common digital thread connecting software and physical systems together is the only way to take control of the increasing complexity of smart and connected products. This will enable a closed-loop behavioral representation of a vehicle’s software and hardware systems for continuous validation throughout the product lifecycle.


A robust digital thread will help engineers ensure that software features are fully compatible with the vehicle in which they are deployed and complete with evidence showing that all related tasks and deliverables are available on time. The digital thread will also track accountability for changes regarding not just who, but how and why.

Transforming American transportation

The way that people get around cities is changing dramatically. Technological advances and new transportation services are making it possible for city dwellers to cross town ever more efficiently and safely. Fast-moving trends are influencing urban-mobility systems around the world. Some trends, like connected vehicle and the development of covering the first and last mile the daily commute, relate directly to mobility. By 2050 the urban population is expected to grow by 80%.


Siemens Mobility in the US is addressing these trends as a pioneer and helping urban communities, such as New York City, San Francisco, Seattle and Tampa to meet the demands of the transport industry offering solutions that will take existing transport infrastructure to the next level. 

Conference program

Research Summit

Monday, January 6, 1.30-2.00 p.m. I N257 North Hall

Connecting the Dots for Mobility Solutions 

Siemens Mobility explores mobility and automotive solutions capable of addressing the ever-growing global problem of traffic congestion. From real-world examples, understand how successful projects implement technology like smart, networked traffic systems to tackle integration and effective operation.

Meet our speakers

Hardik Bhatt

Amazon Web Services, Smart Cities vertical leader 

Seleta Reynolds

General Manager of the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT)

Marcus Welz

CEO of Siemens Mobility ITS in North America