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CIGRE Virtual Session 2021

August 18-27, 2021​

Smart Grids

Siemens Smart Grid Cigre

Energy automation – intelligent and future-proof

Flawless operation of the entire grid in our increasingly distributed energy landscape is the basic prerequisite for any network operator, electricity supplier, and industrial enterprise today. Siemens offers a whole spectrum of innovative products and solutions - for energy protection and automation as well as communication technology. This allows you to design your energy infrastructure flexibly, operate it more reliably, sustainably and efficiently. It also increases the safety of your operating staff. Our pioneering innovations include data analytics technologies based on digital twin solutions and IoT-applications that turn Big Data into Smart Data. This all supports you in preparing for the future challenges that energy system change will bring about.


Make efficient use of new opportunities

Smart Energy Automation Solutions

Developments such as distributed generation, new service offers, and sector coupling give rise to new challenges. The extensive Siemens technologies, products, services, and solutions live up to them economically and in the best way possible.

SIPROTEC protection device in front of a blue background

Function Point Manager

A new application for the Siprotec 5 and Siprotec 5 Compact series of protection devices: Customers can now generate new license files for their protection device using a cloud-based app. This allows new device functions to be enabled very quickly. These functions are added depending on the type of application of the device, for instance to protect lines and motors in the distribution network of utilities or industrial plants.

Spectrum Power Transmission

The operation of power transmission systems has never been more complex and demanding. Siemens helps you ensure an efficient and reliable power supply with a focus on long-distance transmission, seamless integration of renewables, and strengthened grid stability.

Hassan Allam Construction to build Egypt’s new National Energy Control Center​

Egyptian Electricity Transmission Co. selected Siemens and Hassan Allam Construction to build the country’s new power grid control center. The 838 million Egyptian pounds control center will use the latest software to monitor, manage and control extra-high voltage transmission networks and power generation plants across the country.

Integrated Energy System Planning

Utility executives are increasingly asked what, when, and how to invest in a wide variety of supply resource technologies, often driven by decarbonization goals. Traditional planning practices and processes are no longer suited to investigate all energy carrier options and ensure high investment security. Siemens PTI Consulting combines latest market and technology expertise with more than 60 years’ experience in grid planning and optimization.

Transmission Network Model Management 

The rise of decentralized, renewable energy input has made it harder to balance the power system hour by hour. But thanks to the digital grid model, dubbed a digital twin, the future is only a push of a button away.

Success Story of AEP: Doubling down on America’s largest transmission system

American Electric Power (AEP) will soon have a digital twin of the largest transmission system in the U.S. The advantages? Centralized data, enhanced asset management and simplified grid planning – plus the ability to see into the future of their customers’ needs.

As a result of implementing an electrical digital twin, AEP Transmission expects to:

  • Greatly reduce the time and the costs associated with manual model coordination efforts, both internally as well as with external entities
  • Establish the infrastructure and data governance foundation to support AEP’s strategy of capital investment in transmission improvements and expansion
  • Provide a model alignment solution that will help drive the implementation of advanced technologies, such as predictive asset health analytics, synchrophasors, etc.

PSS®CAPE- Highly-detailed protection simulation and analysis​ ​

Leading the market for protection simulation, Siemens PSS®CAPE software supports protection engineers with their entire workflow including detailed protection data collection to validation. With its extensive library of highly detailed relay models and modular tools, engineers can seamlessly manage voluminous and complex network data, uncover potential problems, and examine alternative solutions.

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