Cleanzone 2020

Visit us at the first digital Cleanzone on November 18th and 19th and discover our innovative products and solutions for the life science industries.
Meet our life science experts.

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Integrated solutions for more safe and efficient cleanrooms

Cleanroom solutions from Siemens minimize risks, increase efficiency and ensure verifiable compliance with all relevant regulations. They integrate all the areas of building technology required to control and monitor cleanrooms, thus ensuring maximum safety and security and high levels of system synergies that will pay off for many years.

Our highlights from past Cleanzone exhibitions

The trade show model combines the realtime measured values from installed sensores and actuators with simulated values. Multi-discipline scenarios can be performed, operated, and displayed. Our solutions portfolio for laboratories and cleanrooms, as well as our management-platform Desigo CC with integrated GxP-monitoring will be shown interactively. It combines our classic core portfolio elements for fire security and building automation with the specific applications for the critical life science environment. We will present the following scenarios at our booth:

  • Prodecure at a GxP alarm
  • Prodecure at a gas- or fire alarm
  • GxP-monitoring of real-time values for temperature, humidity and particles
  • Usage of acknowledgment comments in the GxP environment 
  • Generate customized GxP reports
  • Dashboard for operation of laboratory- and room automation, as well as viewing of KPIs, trends, alarms, and reports
  • Sash depending controlling of a laboritory fume hood 
  • Room automation in laboratory and clean room

New technologies create new possibilities for clean room trainings. In the digital version of a clean room or laboratory, your employees learn the right behavior in these sensitive environments. Your benefits:

  • The actual clean room stays clean of contamination
  • Employees learn in an entertainingly and motivating way
  • Achievements and learning successes can be digitally traced and evaluated
  • New employees are gaining valuable experience before working in a sensitive environment

Siemens Life Science

Integrated life science technologies from Siemens minimize your risks and increase your efficiency in each step of your value chain