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Digital Enterprise – Infinite opportunities from infinite data for packaging machines

With the beginning of the pandemic, the world has changed dramatically and rapidly - also in mechanical engineering. Incoming orders, production and sales index collapsed enormously. But why did all indices recover much faster than the 2008 economic crisis?


Many companies have learned from the 2008 crisis and set the course for faster and more efficient production - through a holistic digitization approach. Approx. 85% of companies are already following this trend and are working on a digitization concept that will allow them to take these changes into account in the future.


At FachPack we would like to convince you of our holistic digitization approach and the automation solutions that are right for you and to go this way together with you - so that you can react even faster to market changes in the future and use them to your advantage.

We are also adapting to these circumstances and this year we are presenting our highlights in a digital way. Be curious - we look forward to your visit.

Our Highlights

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Exciting value of digital twins

Using an exemplary production line for coffee capsules, we will show you that machine builders can get an idea of how the machines will interact with each other before a line is delivered.

With the introduction of a digital twin, we will show you how, based on the simulation data, such as mechanical and electrical design, but also the engineering of the automation, can be parallelized. Simulations and tests reveal errors at an early stage so that real commissioning at the customer's site is faster and more risk-free.

Use data flexibly with cloud and edge computing

Maybe you are asking yourself whether you should use cloud or edge computing for your next project. We will show you exciting industrial IoT use cases and explain how you can use both worlds strengths meaningfully and successfully. Furthermore, you’ll learn that an extra edge device is not always required, and that PLC and HMI can cover edge functionalities as well.

Standardization through the Packaging Toolbox

Technology functions are the heart of packaging production machines. Despite the wide variety of machine types, many of these technology functions are identical. So why should we reinvent the wheel every time? From basic functions to complete equipment modules: with the packaging toolbox, Siemens offers a comprehensive portfolio of software solutions and tools to support the implementation of International Packaging Standards such as OMAC, Weihenstephan Standards, OPC UA and many other recurrent functions in a Packaging machine as e.g. Intelligent Belt. From engineering to data collection, standardization paves the way for your digitalization journey.

Visualization for every application with SIMATIC WinCC Unified

SIMATIC WinCC Unified is a completely new visualization system that allows you to overcome the challenges of digitalization in the engineering of packaging machines and plants. The latest hardware and software make this possible, both now and in the future. Tried and tested engineering in the TIA Portal, the latest web technology, and high performance reserves for the coming years.

Controlling packaging machines precisely with standard handling applications

When it comes to kinematics, standard applications for handling functions provide many helpful features. Besides easy configuration masks and 3D visualizations in TIA Portal, there is a predefined HMI faceplate available supporting major commissioning functions like jogging, referencing or monitoring of zones. We also provide applications to program path motions in a command list or even use textual language.

Scalable solutions – Powerful hardware for every use case

For our customers specialized in packaging machine building we offer modern automation solutions combining sophisticated motion control functionalities with efficient engineering. The best example is our recently launched Motion Control with SIMATIC Drive Controller.

Solutions for plant operators

Besides suitable solutions for machine and line automation, we offer also holistic solutions for plant operators and brand owners. Let’s explore all facets of digitalization – from the digital twin of the product to the whole Digital Enterprise.


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