Hello, I'm Anita Mathieu!

Road traffic is one of the biggest causes of air and noise pollution and is partly responsible for climate change. I work on intelligent traffic management systems and I’m grateful that my job allows me to contribute to the climate-friendly traffic turnaround.


At Yunex Traffic, we use traffic infrastructure data and environmental data to make more than 110 cities more livable through balanced traffic management. For example, we reduce and optimize traffic in cities to minimize local emissions. But we can also minimize and avoid pollutants in the vicinity of vulnerable people – around schools, hospitals or nursing homes, for example – through dynamic low- and zero-emission zones. We develop solution concepts for cities that address a holistic, complex mobility revolution, just as we show cities how they can optimize traffic even in small steps.


Our technologies make it easier to switch between different modes of transportation – such as to public transport and bicycles – and get people to their destinations faster and with less environmental impact. We do this by suggesting alternatives from the start to the end of the journey and take into account the traffic situation in real time.


In my previous positions, such as Head of Siemens Global Account Management for Public Administrations, for example, my team and I have already helped cities to digitize their workflows and make them efficient for citizens. It's exciting to work in a technologically innovative environment and to see how advances in digitization are now also helping to make climate protection social.


I’m particularly motivated towards preserving a livable environment for our children. I want everyone to see Climate Action as a top priority, because I’m convinced that everyone can contribute somehow.

Find us here in Munich | I'm located at IAA Mobility, North Entrance