Hi, I’m Giovane Élber!

As FC Bayern's ambassador, I'm particularly proud of the fact that the club also seeks to be the top in terms of sustainability.


With up to 75,000 fans per game – and more than three million visitors a year – resource-conserving and sustainable behavior is of enormous importance when it comes to traveling to and from the stadium and spending time there. FC Bayern is aware of its responsibility and has launched various projects under the motto "The Mission: Sports - Be Sustainable". The goal of the projects is to build an ecosystem over the next few years that combines innovation and sustainability. This is intended to have a positive long-term impact on the economy, society and our planet.


One example is the "Commensally" app developed by Team Mobility. It’s designed to allow fans to network in order to travel together to the stadium in carpools. This relieves traffic, produces less CO2 and, last but not least, promotes social exchange.


The company car fleet of FC Bayern players from Audi has been converted to electric vehicles, and it will soon be possible to recharge at 51 charging stations at the Allianz Arena.Other measures have also been introduced: for example, the Allianz Arena has switched to a reusable cup system with a deposit, which, just after the fifth use, is more environmentally friendly than disposable cups, according to the German environmental aid organization Deutsche Umwelthilfe. And a new LED lighting system reduces power consumption by up to 60%.


But of course, we’re only at the beginning with this. My vision for FC Bayern is that in 2030, it’ll be possible to visit the stadium and charge your e-car in the parking garage. And that the arena will be warmed by a combined heat and power plant that runs on 100%-renewable energy.

I'm a fan of smart mobility solutions and I’m delighted that sustainable and clean technologies are finally catching on. In my home country of Brazil, too, I’d like to see an increase of electric cars on the road as soon as possible. Brazil would be particularly perfect for this, because we already get more than 80% of our electrical energy from renewable sources.

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