Hello, my name is Nari Kahle!

By day, I work as a manager at the Volkswagen Group, building a new tech company for software and the future of the car. Beyond that, I have a great passion for all issues regarding a society-oriented economy, better mobility and social innovation. That's why I wrote the book "Mobility on the Move," which has recently been published in August.


In the book, I talk about people who work on remarkable solutions to make mobility services better than they are today – and all that for increasingly greater parts of society. For as much as I'm pleased that environmental sustainability has become an important aspect of our debate, social and economic sustainability seem to have fallen by the wayside.


Mobility must take into account the requirements and needs of all of us, since everyone must deal with mobility. Mobility is a basic human need and a prerequisite for social and human encounters as well as for personal exchange. It enables us to self-determine and freely shape our own lives. I’m convinced that companies can solve social problems – including those of mobility – with economically viable concepts. Social and economic issues can be wonderfully combined.


Not only are more and more new players and different types of mobility coming onto the market – such as rental scooters, cars, bicycles, and cargo bikes – we’re also increasingly questioning our previous ways of getting around. I’m convinced that mobility is one of the most exciting areas of our society right now. And it's quite obvious that our mobility is on the move!

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