Hello, I'm Raul Krauthausen!

As a wheelchair user, I know how important a barrier-free and inclusive society is. That's why I founded Sozialhelden e.V.


For over 15 years, we’ve been working on solutions for more participation and accessibility. We see ourselves as constructive activists who use modern communication and technologies to work for a better world for everyone. After all, it's often the last few meters that determine whether a trip to the cinema, beer garden or supermarket was really worth it. Even a single step at the entrance can be an insurmountable obstacle.

Disability is caused by barriers. And they are made by people. People with disabilities are often still not represented in decision-making positions. Their perspective is missing. With our “social heroes,” I’m committed to including these perspectives and thus developing and implementing barrier-free solutions. Germany in particular has a lot of catching up to do. After all, the removal of barriers and the resulting accessibility is a human right – according to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities – and has nothing to do with charity.


For more than 10 years, users have been able to check or rate the accessibility of places and locations worldwide on Wheelmap.org. The map helps wheelchair users, people with mobility impairments, and people traveling with strollers to plan their day. In Germany, there are 1.6 million wheelchair users and 4.8 million people who use a walker.


Currently, over 1 million cafés, libraries, swimming pools and many other publicly accessible places have been rated by users. Over 300 new entries are added daily. Wheelmap is also available as a free app for iPhone and Android. This means that the map can be conveniently used on the go via smartphone.

Wheelmap has since been presented with numerous awards. These include the German Citizen Award 2010, the German Commitment Award 2009 and the German Sustainability Award 2019 for Sozialhelden e.V. Wheelmap itself was awarded the "Selected Landmark in the Land of Ideas" in 2011 and the "World Summit Award Mobile" in the category "m-Inclusion & Empowerment" in 2013.


My credo is: the mobility revolution must always take into account the needs of people with disabilities. I dream that we can offer spontaneous intermodal travel in both cities and rural areas that is equally accessible to all people.

Find us here in Munich | I'm located at Siemens booth @ IAA Mobility