Hi, I'm Svenja Weiß!

I think that everyone should have flexible and easy access to convenient, reliable and affordable mobility services that fit their needs.


At Hacon, we make sure that Mobility as a Service is increasingly moving from a theoretical concept to a lived practice. We want to enable seamless travel experiences across all modes of transport: in our view, the intelligent interlocking of public transportation, on-demand services, (car) sharing, and bicycle and pedestrian routes is an essential prerequisite for the transportation turnaround. However, the services must not only be connected, but must also be accessible and bookable intuitively and unbureaucratically. We support the industry in this with our technology and expertise. In this way, we are making our contribution to the sustainable and accessible mobility of the future. I stand by these goals wholeheartedly and think that it’s actually hard to overestimate the individual and social importance of mobility.


That's why I enjoy talking and writing about mobility enormously and feel fortunate that this is my job. I myself live in a big city and get around very well by bike, on foot or by public transportation. However, this is not a given everywhere and for everyone. In the countryside, for example, there are unfortunately few alternatives to owning a car. Mobility as a Service, especially in combination with on-demand transport, can achieve a lot here. In this way, digital technology can be used with a sensible objective – namely more sustainable mobility that is accessible to all. In my view, mobility must be "human-centered," i.e., tailored more towards people's real and individual needs.


Sustainability will play an increasingly important role. I think we’ll continue to move from "owning" to "using." Public transportation and private services will interlock more, with public transportation clearly acting as the backbone. To put it in a nutshell: "It's the mix that counts".

Find us here in Munich | I'm located at IAA Mobility, Entrance North