Hi, my name is Zhang Xi!

I work at EcoG on speeding up the infrastructure to offer better accessibility for customers. I work on the e-mobility ecosystem to make its infrastructure more easily accessible to people. I’m providing the technical foundation for charging systems so that they function. It’s important to make the transition as smooth and as painless as possible, so people are happy to adapt to changes for this new era.


The interoperability between EVs and charging infrastructure has always been a pain point. As EcoG provides the baseline working solution for charging station manufacturers, the interoperable solution is going to benefit industry on a large scale. With a working baseline solution, the charging station manufacturers can then focus their energy on service integration, improving user experiences or whatever becomes their USP. In the end, they can bring working products to the market within a shorter timeframe. This is what I'm contributing heavily to.


Excellent availability and a variety of such products reinforce competition throughout the ecosystem. The result is quicker development and deployment of the infrastructure and greater accessibility for people.

I feel inspired by the members in the e-mobility community and often get the opportunity to exchange opinions with people from different regions and industries. For example, I spent three years in the US. Working in the e-mobility sector under the former US administration was not a high point. But the community still strove together against the wind. This kind of devotion and determination I’ve observed again and again from people around the globe – it’s impressive. I'm proud to be part of the e-mobility movement, working on topics which I believe would benefit a more sustainable future, and I'm looking forward to the positive changes.

Find us here in Munich | I'm located at IAA Mobility, North Entrance