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ICE Europe 2022

March 15th – 17th, 2022 | Munich
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ICE Europe 2022

Digital Enterprise – Implement now!

Efficient Solutions for converting


At ICE Europe, we will be presenting digital solutions for standard applications from the Converting Toolbox, as well as an integrated FFT analysis and Learning Error Compensation (LECo) designed to increase the performance and precision of production machines.

We will show you how to reduce your time to market and to improve security of investments with an array of communication solutions and modular software applications.


Our Focus

Converting Toolbox

Software blocks for three hardware platforms


Whether winders, cross cutters, flying saws or any one of a host of other machines – we can provide you with an extensive range of automation and drive solutions for any type of machine to ensure first-class processing of continuous material webs. High-performance converting machines can be realized quickly and reliably with standard components on the basis of three platforms: SIMATIC, SIMOTION and SINAMICS.

Prismatic winding with SIMOTION

High-end winding of all geometries


The prismatic winding function gives you a free add-on to the standard SIMOTION winder application. For top levels of productivity in various industries for winding on any winding core that is not circular.

Self-learning compensation

LECo – Maximum accuracy through self-learning compensation


The LECo (Learning Error Compensation) algorithm is the optimum means with which to transgress the limits of mechanical and commercial control technology with the power of digitalization. Cyclic errors stemming from the process are reduced to an absolute minimum extremely quickly and outstanding results are attained every time for each unit.

Mechatronic Concept Designer (MCD)

Optimization of motion sequences in the digital twin


Experience what can be achieved with the MCD in the real world based on a corrugated cardboard press: End-to-end solution which permits an interdisciplinary collaboration, carrying over of existing knowledge, a reduced time to market, and informed decision making by way of evaluation, from initial conception all the way to production.

VR model with a glimpse into battery production

Extremely quick winding of battery cells


Our established range of winder applications is further enhanced with our free 'prismatic winding' library block. Renowned manufacturers of batteries thus enjoy increased productivity with maximum quality compared with conventional processes – a must for mass deployment in electric vehicles. Winding speeds of 100 meters per minute and more are thus within reach.

The best of two worlds

Frequency analysis as the key to success


With Industrial Edge you can use the intelligence and scalability of the cloud directly in your production - simply, performant and without your data leaving production.


Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) analysis helps to identify process errors automatically. Via frequency analysis and the comparison of frequencies with a reference list containing the mechanical data of all the machine components the element causing the failure can be automatically identified with Industrial Edge. Learn more about how Industrial Edge brings digitization directly into your production!

Converting solutions

Integrated converting solutions from a single source

Whether winders, cross cutters, flying saws and much more – we can provide you with an extensive range of automation and drive solutions for any type of machine to ensure first-class processing of continuous material webs.