Siemens at IFAT 2022

30 May - 3 June 2022, Munich                                      Hall C1, booth 305/404

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Finally, IFAT, the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Waste and Raw Materials Management, took place in Munich from May 30 to June 3, 2022. After such a long break due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our entire Siemens team was even more excited to welcome you live and in person at our IFAT booth!

We hope that you enjoyed our personal meetings, joint discussions and exchange just as much as we did and that you were able to gain added value for your company for resource-saving, sustainable water and waste water management.

If you were not able to visit our booth or have further inquiries for us, please feel free to contact our experts.

Protecting our valuable resource with sustainable solutions

Climate change with droughts and heavy rainfall, urbanization with higher demand for drinking water, water pollution and stricter laws and regulations – the water industry is facing major challenges, which continue to increase. To meet the increasing demand for clean water and to protect water resources sustainably, innovations, ideas and initiatives are required.


Giving the best for our most precious resource. For today. For tomorrow. For water. For an efficient and sustainable water industry.
Siemens Water Team

Our highlights


Our Portfolio

For the water industry Siemens provides comprehensive solutions from a single source: from process instrumentation, industrial communication, and power supply systems to drive and protection technology as well as automation and process control technology. From seawater desalination to the treatment of drinking water, and waste water. Siemens’ integrated portfolio covers the entire plant lifecycle from planning and operation to maintenance to lower energy consumption, minimize water losses and reduce lifecycle costs

Plant engineering and management


A prerequisite for effective plant management is the optimal collaboration and coordination of all disciplines and departments involved in the engineering and operation of a plant. The standardized COMOS data platform gives plant engineers, builders, and operators a seamless flow of project-relevant data throughout the entire plant lifecycle – across all company levels and all phases.



Bringing products to the market faster while maintaining the same level of quality requires integrated engineering workflows as well as short changeover and start-up times for new or altered plant units. The simulation platform SIMIT enables comprehensive tests of automation applications and offers realistic training environments for operators before real systems go into operation. This creates opportunities for process optimization and know-how retention which results in reduced commissioning time and significantly shortened time-to-market. Overall this means more efficiency throughout the entire lifecycle of manufacturing and process plants. The SIMIT Water and Wastewater Library is designed especially for the water and waste water industry, enabling the simulation of specific use cases in combination with other libraries. SIMIT also supports virtual commissioning and training for system operator


PlantSight - Cloud-based Digital Twin

Long before the topic of digitalization gained momentum, data played a decisive role in day-to-day plant operations of the process industries: product quality, plant efficiency, process reliability and much more can - then as now - only be reliably determined on the basis of data. That is where PlantSight comes in. PlantSight consolidates the assets of a plant, by bringing together different types of data from different sources into a single source of truth. An information centric solution which provides a Digital Twin to access information throughout the entire lifecycle helping engineering and operations functions who want to ensure the digital blueprint reflects the actual installation when accessing 1D, 2D & 3D data and documents and comparing this with real time data after collection, aggregation and visualization.


Process Control Technology (DCS)



The SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system has been proven in countless plants worldwide. It’s truly an all-rounder and boasts of applications suitable for integrated engineering and integrated operations. Its innovative hardware platform opens up new perspectives for your digital future.



SIMATIC PCS neo is a genuine global player. The new, web-based process control system operates independently of location and device. It sets new efficiency standards for global engineering projects and consistently relies on new forms of digital collaboration.



Automation task, application area and performance requirements determine the choice of suitable hardware for process automation. CPU performance, communication interfaces and special features such as high availability and fail-safe should match the respective application perfectly. The flexibly configurable automation systems based on the CPU 410 and SIMATIC S7-400 for the SIMATIC PCS 7 and SIMATICS PCS neo distributed control systems are suitable for demanding applications in the process industry. They are used thousands of times over and are appreciated around the globe. You can also use the SIMATIC S7-400 to develop customary STEP 7 or TIA Portal applications.


Process Control Technology (SCADA)


Water and waste water treatment plants have to work 24/7 with availability and need to be compliant with local regulations.

SCADA plays an important role for the proper operation and transparency of the plant and the production quality.

SIMATIC SCADA offers a wide range of configurations and functionalities, assuring the economical solution for each application.


SIMATIC Controller

The demands on modern machines and plants are steadily growing in all industries. With the automation systems from Siemens, you can cover all requirements while benefiting from maximum efficiency, flexibility, and cost effectiveness.


Water automation solutions with for TIA portal

Regardless of what you need to engineer innovative machines, you’ll find it in Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal). Siemens is adding all its new developments and future-oriented technologies in the TIA hardware portfolio and incorporating the corresponding functions into TIA Portal. This gives you unrestricted access to the complete range of digitalized automation services, from digital planning to integrated engineering and transparent operation. Reduce your time-to-market with simulation tools, increase plant productivity with additional diagnostics and energy management capabilities, and increase flexibility by connecting to the management level.


Automation Hardware 

ET 200eco PN - The extremely rugged block I/O

SIMATIC ET 200eco PN is a compact block periphery with IP65/67 protection for installation without a control cabinet directly at the plant. Exceptionally robust and resistant to vibrations, dust, oil or moisture, the new generation SIMATIC ET 200eco PN M12-L also impresses with special performance even under extreme ambient conditions. It can be integrated into PSC7 and equipped with functionalities such as shared device, module-internal shared input and output or direct integration into redundant systems. For optimum performance, flexibility, availability and data transparency.


SIPLUS extreme - More than just resistant

With SIPLUS extreme, you rely on sophisticated automation and actuator components at the cutting edge of technology. SIPLUS extreme products are standard components with improved resistance to mechanical stress, chemical and biological substances, condensation and temperature fluctuations. In addition, they are equipped for use in temperature ranges of up to -40° to +70°. This makes SIPLUS extreme the first choice for all applications where standard is no longer sufficient.


Power supply SITOP PSU6200

The all-around power supply is the extremely high-performance power supply for standard 24-, 12-, and 48-V applications up to 960 watts. The compact and energy-efficient power supply units offer comprehensive functions and features for focused diagnostics, fast installation, and dependable operation. Optional add-on modules protect against faults in the 24 V control circuit as well as against power supply unit and mains failure.


Selectivity modules SITOP SEL1200/1400

The SITOP selectivity modules distribute the load current across four or eight 24 V DC load circuits and monitor them reliably for overload and short-circuit conditions. The electronics permit brief current peaks, but isolate load circuits in the event of an extended overload. A total failure of the plant is prevented. The diagnostic interface informs the PLC about the status of each output, among other things.


Uninterruptible DC power supplies

When the power fails, the SITOP DC-UPS saves the day by saving technology, files, and data. Battery modules in lead or lithium technology maintain the 24 V supply for critical processes up to the hour range. The SITOP UPS1600 DC UPS modules communicate via PROFINET, Industrial Ethernet or OPC UA and inform, for example, about the status of the SITOP BAT1600 battery modules.


Power Supply System SITOP PSU8600

The SITOP PSU8600 communication-capable power supply can be integrated directly into networked automation applications via Ethernet/PROFINET or via OPC UA, with engineering taking place via the TIA Portal, for example. The modular system offers unique functions and diagnostic options. It can be expanded to 36 outputs, whose voltage and current limits can be individually set. Buffer and DC UPS modules protect against power failures.




Process instrumentation and analytics

SITRANS Clamp-on flow solutions

In seamless interplay with SITRANS FSS200 clamp-on sensors, the SITRANS FST020 and FST030 transducers form a digital flowmeter measuring the flow velocity of practically any liquid application in water and waste water as well as HVAC applications – for basic or advanced requirements.


SITRANS Probe LU240 ultrasonic transmitter

The SITRANS Probe LU240 is ideal for level monitoring in the water and wastewater industry, chemical storage vessels, and small bulk hoppers. With an accuracy of 0.15 % of range or 6 mm, the LU240 provides unmatched reliability. It works with liquids, slurries, and bulk materials. An optional Bluetooth interface offers fast and effortless commissioning, diagnostics, and maintenance with SITRANS mobile IQ.


SITRANS LR100 for radar level measurement

SITRANS LR100 series are 80 GHz compact radar transmitters with Bluetooth wireless technology enabling easy and fast commissioning. The narrow beam allows flexible installations in existing vessel openings - or non-intrusively through plastic vessels. Optional Bluetooth functionality enables fast and effortless commissioning, diagnostics and maintenance.


SITRANS LCS050 digital point level switch

Ultra-compact digital point level switch with IO-Link communication for advanced monitoring and configuration.


SITRANS MS200 - liot sensor for condition monitoring

Given their crucial role for process uptime, monitoring assets is key: with only few supplementary hardware, our smart condition monitoring solution SITRANS SCM IQ allows you to detect anomalies well in advance and take action before the equipment fails.


SITRANS serve IQ - Remote measurement 

Lead-in Digital solution for widely distributed water supply and wastewater networks: continuous monitoring of flow measurements is a challenge. Let SITRANS serve IQ collect the remote data sets, transmit and save them in a local data base. Historic as well as actual process values are being conveniently displayed via web browser. SITRANS serve IQ also enables an easy integration of the flow values into SCADA systems.

Drive technology and industrial controls

SINAMICS G120X infrastructure drive for pumps and fans

The new converter series for pump and fan applications is characterized by its convenience, robustness, reliability and efficiency. Ready for the digitalization through SINAMICS CONNECT 300 and the MindSphere application Analyze MyDrives.


SIMOTICS reluctance motor

Perfectly matched systems based on SIMOTICS reluctance motors and SINAMICS converters achieve maximum efficiency even in the partial-load range. Added to this are high control dynamics, high speed stability in encoderless operation and high overload capability.


SIRIUS hybrid - 3RW soft starters

SIRIUS soft starters are the best solution when direct-on-line or star/delta starting are not suitable for three-phase motors, because mechanical impacts in the machine or voltage dips in the power supply system can often cause problems. 


SIMOCODE pro: Motor Management and Control Devices

The consistent digitalization concept makes it possible to use energy and device condition data for applications like comprehensive energy monitoring and large-scale, proactive condition monitoring. 



Industrial Communication

Compact low-power RTUs SIMATIC RTU3000C

The compact low-power remote terminal units of the SIMATIC RTU3000C family are used in applications that do not have a local power supply.


Modular Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) based on SIMATIC

With our comprehensive portfolio for modular RTUs based on SIMATIC controllers, you can flexibly adapt your substations to your requirements.


SINEC NMS – Scalable Network Management System for industrial networks

SINEC NMS is the Network Management System (NMS) scalable for network structures of various sizes, in an increasingly digital world. This system can be used to centrally monitor, manage, and configure industrial networks with tens of thousands of devices around the clock, including security-related areas. SINEC NMS is designed with security in mind and enables system compliance with the IEC 62443 standard.


Industrial 5G Router

The key enabler for industrial 5G networks is here: Our first mobile industrial 5G router SCALANCE MUM856-1 offers you powerful performance for the next generation of wireless connectivity. Discover all the features and benefits of our innovative SCALANCE MUM856-1 router – and get started on your way to the world of industrial 5G.


Wi-Fi 6 at a glance – The next-generation WLAN infrastructure for the industry

Higher data rates, more efficient data transmission and futureproofing in industrial communication: Wi-Fi 6 offers many benefits, and these are further supplemented by industry-specific additional functions thanks to Siemens’ comprehensive IWLAN portfolio and iFeatures. With the right SCALANCE W Access Points and Client Modules working together optimally, you can get started immediately.


SCALANCE – network components for industrial communication

SCALANCE offers a comprehensive hardware portfolio for perfect networking – across all industrial applications: also in the water/wastewater sector. Whether switching, routing, security applications, remote access or Industrial Wireless LAN – SCALANCE is the solution ultra-efficient and future-proof communication.


Professional services for industrial networks

With many years of industry experience in various applications and comprehensive automation know-how, we help you to establish future-proof networks - with on-site service and support as well as network design, planning, implementation and specially tailored training. Find out how fit your wired or wireless network is with our Industrial Networks Health Check.


Secured remote access with SINEMA Remote Connect

With the management platform for VPN connections, SINEMA Remote Connect, users can easily and securely access widely distributed plants, stations, or RTUs.



Electrical systems and energy management

Medium-voltage Switchgears

The primary task of medium-voltage switchgear is economical and reliable power distribution. We take this responsibility seriously and offer products and solutions for medium-voltage systems to our customers around the world. Our optimally coordinated systems meet the growing technical requirements and ensure reliable power distribution – in air-insulated or gas-insulated switchgear, and for applications outdoors or on the ocean floor.


SIVACON - power distribution on a systematic basis

An effective, reliable, and safe power supply is the backbone of all operational and production processes. Often the focus is on power generation and power consumption, and the role of power distribution is still frequently underestimated.

In the digital age, smart power distribution makes an important contribution to an efficient and sustainable ecosystem.

The SIVACON S8 low-voltage switchboard and the SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems not only offer a high level of supply reliability for industrial plants, infrastructure, and buildings, but also help companies boost their energy and operational efficiency. Their durable components and optimized use of materials as well as their use in generating power from renewable sources make them a reliable and sustainable power distribution solution.


NXpower Monitor - The Digital care-taker for your substation

NXpower Monitor is a cloud-based application that will launch and accompany your digital journey in energy distribution. NXpower Monitor enables you to visualize and monitor electrical Assets within a main power distribution substation like medium- and low-voltage switchgear continuously from anywhere in the world.



Sustainability and digitalization are becoming more and more significant for power distribution.

The use of Clean Air as an insulating medium, which is 100 % f-gas-free, in our blue GIS portfolio allow us to offer innovative solutions to reach this goal.


Sentron digital 

How can you save energy with intelligent power distribution? Did you know that 40 percent of all power is consumed by buildings? Or that about 30 percent of this energy consumption could be prevented? It’s time to make it transparent. For sustainability reasons too.


SENTRON measuring devices: Your basis for power monitoring

SENTRON measuring devices and communication-capable switching and protection devices form the basis for digitalization in low-voltage power distribution. Smart software then analyzes what these devices record.


Digital Water Management

The applications and digital services from the Siemens Industry Suite for water industry provide higher transparency and therefore help identify optimization and savings potential for stronger security of supply. With the Siemens Water (SIWA) applications specifically developed for the water and waste water industry operators can optimize energy efficiency, avoid water loss, reduce contamination of water bodies and take predictive maintenance measures.


SIWA Leak - Leak detection in water transportion pipelines

SIWA Leak is a system for detecting larger and creeping leaks in water transport pipelines. As a supplement to existing control and automation systems, SIWA Leak continuously provides operating personnel with information on the status of the water transport pipeline, which – in the event of a leak – gives them a precise decision-making starting point for taking the correct countermeasures.

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SIWA Burst - Locating burst pipes with high accuracy

SIWA Burst analyzes high-frequency pressure fluctuations using intelligent algorithms. Detected pressure anomalies are classified in order to identify pipe breaks in real time. Damaged areas can be detected and localized with an accuracy of 20 to 50 meters.

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SIWA LeakPlus - Leak detection in water distribution networks

SIWA LeakPlus – powered by BuntPlanet*– is an innovative solution for leak detection in water distribution networks. With the support of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and hydraulic simulations, leaks can be detected easily and fully automatically and remedied at an early stage.

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*Siemens cooperation partner


SIWA Optim - Cost-optimized pump operation in water supply systems

SIWA Optim is a solution for the intelligent, energy-optimized control of pumps and valves based on the latest system data and demand forecasts as well as daily updated energy prices. It allows operators to reduce energy consumption by up to 15 percent and ensure optimal security of supply.

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SIWA OptimDynamics - Minimize energy consumption in your drinking water distribution systems

SIWA OptimDynamics uses hydraulic modeling of the pump station to calculate the most efficient solution for transporting the drinking water, based on the specific load curves and efficiency factors of the available pumps.

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SIWA Sewer - Centralized sewer network control system to prevent the overflow of untreated sewage  

SIWA Sewer is a powerful and innovative sewer network control application that calculates the need for control interventions in drainage systems using optimization algorithms. In this way SIWA Sewer ensures optimum utilization of the sewer network, thereby preventing waste water from being discharged into natural waters. 

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SIWA Blockage Predictor - Preventing blockages in waste water networks

The SIWA Blockage Predictor, a Siemens MindSphere solution, evaluates combined sewer overflow behavior in real time, providing a better understanding of the system’s performance of any issues. This solution helps to identify if a sewer is blocked, or is not operating correctly, or if a CSO is soon to have operational issues. The analytics are embedded within a web application, enabling remote access on mobile devices or PCs and notifying users in advance of any issues.

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SIWA Pump Guardian - Putting an end to clogged pump

The SIWA Pump Guardian is a secure IoT solution that prevents blockages and makes the performance of pumps and pumping stations completely transparent. The solution helps detect and prevent clogged impellers, blocked pipework, and blockages due to single events.

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Water Meter Data Management

Smart Metering

EnergyIP® Meter Data Management (MDM)

The solution provides water utilities a reliable management system for meter data collection from various smart meter infrastructures, data management (VEE), delivering billing determinants, and actioning of events and alerts. Further the system supports detection of a wide variety of usage anomalies such as leakages.


EnergyIP Water Analytics

This solution enhances EnergyIP MDM with advanced capabilities for analyzing anomalies in the water distribution network. This is a powerful tool for any water utility to tackle non-revenue water, network losses, behind the meter leakage, abnormal usage / behavior changes. It builds upon dynamic AI algorithms and classic methods like DMA water balances and supports the user with dynamic drill down from a dashboard to an individual meter.


The digital transformation needs cybersecurity

Critical infrastructures like the drinking water supply must be fully and reliably protected from cyberattacks. The comprehensive and practice-oriented security concepts from Siemens lay the groundwork for the secure operation of water management facilities using certified products, systems, and processes according to IEC 62443, the leading international standard for security in industrial automation.


Secured remote access with SINEMA Remote Connect 

The management platform for remote networks, SINEMA Remote Connect, is a server application that facilitates the convenient and secured remote access to widely separated plants, stations, or RTUs.


Siemens Water Portal

The Water Portal is a platform for engineering companies, system integrators, and plant construction companies for designing, configuring, and engineering water and waste water plants and systems, pump stations, and desalination plants. It provides an extensive and freely available collection of sample solutions and configurations, engineering standards, and tools for automation, process instrumentation, drive technology, and the electrotechnical equipment in plants. 


Water templates

The Water Templates – available free of charge – are custom-made templates for system integrators, plant construction companies, and operators. They contain functions for open- and closed-loop control and ergonomic operation and diagnostics – including for distributed control rooms and external stations. They are optimally embedded in the integrated engineering and also encompass simulation, testing, and commissioning. 


Standardized Library for Basis Processes (LBP) for the use in automation and process monitoring systems   

The Library of Basic Processes (LBP) is an open, tested as well as design-oriented block library for the SIMATIC TIA Portal and SIMATIC WinCC. With this library, you can solve a wide variety of automation tasks in the water industry very efficiently and significantly reduce the engineering workload and thus the configuration costs as well as the project duration. 


Together for a green future with GoGreen tickets!

Siemens AG as an exhibitor of IFAT 2022 and you as our visitor made our contribution to the climate protection offsetting our CO₂ footprint at the exhibition quickly and easily.  By paying an offset fee for the average CO₂ consumption of our visitors at the last IFAT, we are making a significant contribution to promoting climate protection projects.

A total of 430 GoGreen tickets offered by us were redeemed: Six euro of each ticket, which we offered our visitors for fee, will be now invested in three high-quality international myclimate carbon offset projects. Our support contributes amongst others to the 8 SCGs (UN Sustainable Development Goals), for example as per the project “Clean drinking water for schools and households in Uganda “.

Together we are paving the way towards a greener future!