LIGNA 2021

LIGNA 2021

27.09 – 01.10.2021 | Hanover
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LIGNA 2021

Digital Enterprise – Thinking industry further

You are cordially invited to visit our booth and see our innovative automation and drive solutions for the woodworking industry for yourself.


As a partner to the woodworking industry, we offer our customers innovative, cost-effective automation and drive solutions for all segments of the woodworking and wood-processing industries – from continuous wooden composite presses and sawmill equipment through panel-sizing saws, profiling and drilling automats, all the way to CNC machining centers. See our wide range of solutions for woodworking machines for yourself.


You are looking for an open and integrated CNC Controller? See below at the fair highlights the advantages of the new SINUMERIK MC.


We also show you how you can utilize the advantages of digitalization. From the machine design and engineering, commissioning and actual operation through to services, the digital twins of machines offer enormous potential for increasing profitability. Siemens offers all the technical prerequisites for a company to go digital.


Would you like to implement customized automation solutions on the basis of standard products without incurring heavy expenditure? If so, then our integrated, comprehensive product portfolio is just what you are looking for. All the components have been matched to each other and system-tested. This ensures they perform their tasks reliably and interact efficiently in industrial applications. Highlights at the trade fair are our product innovations such as the HMI Comfort Panels, the industry PC IPC 527G and IPC 127E, and the model of a machining center, on which we exhibit further product innovations such as the servo drive system SINAMICS S210.


Focus areas at the trade fair

The open CNC system for wood, glass, stone processing machines and special technologies: SINUMERIK MC

In our trade fair model of a CNC machining center, we show the consistent and open CNC system SINUMERIK MC.


Advantages are:

  • Maximum openness: The integrated Windows 10 operating system enables you to easily integrate customized software for controlling and operating processing machines
  • Excellent motion control: With the latest SINUMERIK CNC kernel it offers freedom and flexibility in machine control – thanks to G code programming 
  • High PLC performance: through short reaction times of the latest SIMATIC S7-1500F
  • Easy engineering: consistent engineering processes in the TIA Portal for saving time and money in commissioning


In our trade fair model, we show you the digital twin of the tool changer. The precise, virtual model of a machine part, a machine or a production plant enables its behavior to be predicted, performance to be optimized, and insights gained from earlier design and production experience to be put into practice. In this way, increasing demands for productivity and flexibility can be met.


This depends on their being a connection between the real and the virtual worlds: Mechanical engineers can analyze their machines in operation via MindSphere – the cloud-based, open IoT operating system – and thus draw conclusions that can be applied to ongoing optimization.


Your benefits:

  • Shorter time-to-market thanks to innovative simulation tools and virtual commissioning
  • Testing without a physical prototype / fewer prototypes
  • Higher plant productivity through cloud-based diagnostic functions

Integrated engineering and standard applications

Integrated Engineering within the framework of Totally Integrated Automation means consistent, integrated engineering across all product development, production and plant processes – from the initial design, through the basic and detailed engineering, all the way to the automation and operation of the plant. A uniform database and an open system architecture permit access to up-to-date data and information any time from anywhere in the world. This enables work processes to be performed in parallel that would otherwise have to be handled sequentially.


Integrated Engineering saves not only time, money and labor, but also increases the profitability of engineering projects – and thus improves competitiveness over the long term.

Discover not only the Siemens solution that is best for your project, but also the many advantages that it offers. For example the standard application "linear path control".

Totally Integrated Engineering means consistent, integrated engineering across all the product development, production and plant processes.


Your benefits:

  • Shortened time-to-market thanks to standard applications
  • Greater flexibility through coordinated teamwork
  • Scalable solutions

A portfolio that answers every question

Nowadays, plants and machines have to work ever more productively and efficiently – at the lowest possible cost. Our response to this is: Automation by design. Your real benefits: The perfect interaction between all automation components. You can see a selection of the latest products at our booth: The SIMATIC S7-1500, the fastest automation controller, the simple, reliable SINAMICS S210 servo drive system with maximum performance combined with the new SIMOTICS S-1FK2 motors. Discover not only the Siemens solution that is best for your project, but also the many advantages that it offers.


Your benefits:

  • System components available worldwide 
  • Large, continually expanding product portfolio for the woodworking industry

Our addional offer for the perfect face of your woodworking machine

Free web-based training in the HMI Design Masterclass


Our UX expert Oliver Gerstheimer will demonstrate to you what constitutes a good HMI Design and how you and your users can profit from this – for free and at your own computer. In just seven 10 minutes videos, learn how to put together and implement a functional and appealing visualization solution with minimum effort.

All templates for your own HMI solution with the HMI Template Suite


You can now very easily create your own HMI solution with the HMI Template Suite, the kit for optimum HMI Design. Experience the valuable time saved by learning how to construct your HMI Design with just a few clicks using the templates. In no time at all, your HMI is transformed into a standout design!


Innovative projects, directly from the field

Review our references and read about some of the excellent examples how Siemens solutions are ensuring progress and sustainable business practices in the wood industry.

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