MIPIM 2020

MIPIM 2020

The human potential of smart buildings

IMPORTANT: MIPIM postponed to June 2-5

Reed MIDEM, organiser of MIPIM, announced that the 2020 edition of the event has been rescheduled and will take place June 2-5 in Cannes. 

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The human potential of smart buildings

As humans we spend up to 90 percent of our lives in buildings. While it’s true that today’s buildings should be efficient, reliable and safe – these characteristics alone don’t enable businesses and empower people the way a true smart building can.

Smart buildings are a new and powerful source of competitive advantage. They interact with its people, systems and external elements around them. They learn from past experiences and real-time inputs. They adapt to the needs of the people and the businesses within them. Our smart building solutions empower people through every aspect of their day – no matter the building type. Discover more at our booth with one of our experts.

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Join our Head of Smart Office Europe, Elisa Rönkä's, masterclass on ‘peak performing workplaces’ at MIPIM, where Elisa will share her knowledge about today’s workplace trends, including:


  • Buildings as platforms for innovation
  • Technology holds no value without user adoption – it is all about people-centricity
  • The impact of workplace tech can and should be quantified through ROI

Our Highlights

White paper: Striving for the perfect place

Technology enabling data capture and analysis, connectivity, monitoring and control is becoming the new baseline for smart buildings of tomorrow. Understanding what it is and where it’s headed is critical. This you will find in this white paper.

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Sustainable buildings

Transform your buildings into high-performing assets

Siemens is trusted around the world by public and commercial organizations looking to increase the value and competitiveness of their buildings and infrastructure. We achieve this by delivering building Performance and Advisory Services – underpinned by profound expertise in building operations and data-driven digital service delivery capability –  that maximize efficiency, minimize operating costs and reduce environmental impact.