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Thank you for visiting us at The smarter E Europe Restart 2021!
Thank you for visiting us!

The smarter E Europe Restart 2021

At The smarter E Europe Restart, we showcased how energy intelligence supports our customers to navigate and benefit from the transformation of our energy systems. The story continues online: Discover on our webpage significant technological advances in renewable energy, energy storage, energy efficiency and eMobility across the grid edge. We enable you to exploit the full potential of energy management – ensuring the generation, provision and use of energy is intelligent and sustainable, and its impact on environments is beneficial.

Highlight Topics

·  Decarbonization strategies for commercial and industrial companies

·  Distributed energy solutions for local energy supply

·  Smart integration of renewable energy resources

·  eMobility charging – electrification of transport

·  Data-driven consulting and financing solutions

Grid Edge Summit 2021

The Grid Edge Summit 2021 is over, the virtual event experience continues! The event platform with the virtual exhibition and the recordings of all sessions remains open! Watch the recording of our two-day virtual conference now and stay up to date on the latest developments and opportunities at the grid edge. Be inspired by speakers and projects from all over the world! We provide insights into grid edge solutions: from microgrids to eMobility, local energy solutions, to battery storage and the seamless connection to infrastructures and industries.


Customer success stories and articles

How many EVs can the power network cope with?

There are more than one billion vehicles on the roads around the world. Hopes for more sustainable mobility are being pinned on electric vehicles. Distribution system operators have a key role to play in helping them make the breakthrough – but putting charging points in place isn’t enough. 

How innovative finance solutions make grid edge investment easy

Grid edge as a flash point of innovation goes beyond technology. It is also where business innovation is booming – a critical enabler for companies looking to finance their transformation.

How a region is redefining itself

In Wunsiedel, the future’s already here. With an independent energy system based exclusively on renewables. Which is creating jobs and prosperity. Which is profitable and the pride of an entire region. And soon even with green hydrogen.

Small grid, major impact

The Siemens Campus Microgrid is an intelligent system for the optimization of the electricity and heating demand on the company’s premises. It consists of photovoltaic power generation, e-charging infrastructure, battery storage and the microgrid controller. Next to a safe and reliable provision of electrical energy, it simultaneously reduces the CO2 footprint and electricity peaks.

Driving zero fossil fuels for Galápagos

While being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Galápagos Islands still used a diesel-based power. Hence, the Ecuadorian government started the “Zero Fossil Fuel Galápagos Initiative” that led to replacing the old diesel gensets with a pioneering solution based on 100% renewables. In 2016 the project began on the largest island of Galápagos with a new, hybrid power plant for the entire island.

aspern Seestadt – the blueprint for the future of energy

In aspern Seestadt, we’re bringing end customers and technology providers together to develop an overall supply solution for the future of cities. Our focus is not on specific buildings or the power grid; instead, we always look at the overall system of a district or campus. The result: a smart district that acts as a blueprint for the future of energy.

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