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Grid Edge Summit 

The virtual event from June 16-19, 2020

Grid Edge Summit 2020

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The transition towards a new net-zero emissions energy system is already happening. There is a clear need, a market opportunity, and the political will. The way we generate, consume, store and share energy is being transformed, driven by digitalization, decentralization and a global drive for decarbonization and increased sustainability.


The focus of this transformation is the grid edge, where new business models and opportunities emerge for stakeholders across the whole energy supply chain. We empower you to navigate and drive the change. We help you to integrate renewables efficiently, to optimize your energy supply and to become prosumers of energy.


We’ll talk grid edge solutions: from microgrids, to eMobility to battery storage and the seamless connection to smart buildings, districts and cities. Together, we create a more flexible and resilient energy ecosystem. Seize the opportunity!


Our event topics in the spotlight

Watch the recordings and find out more about the main topics of the summit.

Entering the next stage with solutions at the grid edge (opening panel) 

Renewable energy is more than just an alternative to conventional energy sources. How can we enable a just and fair transition to sustainable energy? How can policy makers foster distributed energy resources in the light of climate change considerations? Grid edge solutions are perfect drivers for the transition to clean energy. But only if different players interact and collaborate, can we reach the next level.


In the opening panel we discussed visions, regulatory frameworks and pioneering energy concepts at the grid edge.


Dr. Karsten Wildberger, Member of Board, COO Commercial, E.ON SE

Haitze Siemers, Head of Unit for “New energy technologies and innovation”, DG Energy – European Commission

Cedrik Neike, Member of Board, CEO Smart Infrastructure, Siemens AG

Moderator: David Weston, Editor at FORESIGHT Climate & Energy

eMobility charging – energizing mobility

We are on the cusp of a revolution in mobility. The growth in electric vehicles, charging infrastructure and energy management is transforming the way vehicles are powered and how people and goods are moved. Siemens is at the forefront of this revolution – energizing and enabling an eMobile planet.


In our sessions we talked about our software and service offering from fleet charging management to an enterprise charging network and our latest hardware offering of the SICHARGE family. Tune in if you would like to know more about the balance between depot and opportunity charging for eBus and logistic charging.

eMobility charging – energizing mobility: Jean-Christoph Heyne, Global Head of Future Grids, Siemens AG

(starting at min 3:55)


Electrification of bus and commercial fleets: Monique Mertins, Head of eMobility Sales EU and LATAM, Siemens AG

(starting at min 10:20)


Charging systems and possibilities for optimized operation: Marcel Rümenapf, Account Management, Siemens AG

(starting at min 20:25)


Concepts for eMobility charging hubs and depots – site-specific optimization of charging infrastructure for fleets and companies: Ben Gemsjäger, Deputy Head of Distribution Grid Planning, Siemens AG 

(starting at min 34:10)


Next portfolio for eCar charging, from hardware to managed charging: Jean-Christoph Heyne, Global Head of Future Grids und Moritz Ingerfeld, Head of PLM eMobility, Siemens AG 

(starting at min 56:20)


Managing the charging process: Whatever you need – investor or fleet driver focused: John DeBoer, Head of eMobility Sales, Siemens USA 

(starting at min 01:08:40)



(starting at min 01:24:00)


Please note that the session content can differ depending on the language. You can find the German session on this summit website.

Smart integration of renewable energy resources

The energy market has changed a lot in recent years. The integration of renewables is getting more and more important. Modern energy systems benefit from renewable sources and integrated storage solutions to achieve a more ecofriendly energy production. 


Our sessions explain how renewable integration fits into grid edge and why an integration is so important. We also talked about inverters, storage solutions, network connections, as well as photovoltaic control and monitoring, and how these products and solutions help to seize the opportunity for a successful integration. Make energy more efficient and lower your costs! 

Smart integration of renewable energy resources: Kurt Desimpelaere, Head of PV and Storage, Siemens AG

(starting at min 3:00)


Cutting-edge power electronics at the grid edge: Boban Vujovic, Portfolio Lifecycle Manager, KACO new energy

(starting at min 12:10)


Energy Storage as a Service: Advancing opportunities for C&I customers to access energy storage solutions: Jan Namyslo, Global Service Sales, Fluence

(starting at min 24:10)


Monitoring, control and market integration of renewable & hybrid energy systems: Ralf Korntner, Global Head of Microgrids, Siemens AG

(starting at min 33:00)


Photovoltaic interconnection study: How to connect photovoltaic systems reliable and efficient: Dr. Adam Slupinski, Head of Distribution Grid Planning, Siemens AG 

(starting at min 43:40)


Grid edge partner program: Samer El-Oukaili, Head of Storage, Siemens AG 

(starting at min 54:20)


Why grid edge solutions in campuses? Samer El-Oukaili, Head of Storage, Siemens AG 

(starting at min 01:05:25)


Smart financing solutions and intelligent business models: Klaus Grünfelder, Financing Solution Partner, Siemens Financial Services 

(starting at min 01:13:20)



(starting at min 01:24:00)


Please note that the session content can differ depending on the language. You can find the German session on this summit website.

Smart energy solutions and services – power up your business

Smart energy and performance services are a crucial factor for businesses from industries to infrastructure to buildings. Decentralization, digitalization and decarbonization are driving new opportunities. At the same time performance data and digital twin modelling offer new insights into asset performance and energy usage. This allows energy consumers to actively take control of their energy and asset performance.


From lasting reduction and pro-active management of energy usage to sustainable self-generation and storage, smart procurement and trading to improved asset performance – there are multiple ways to power up your business. Watch the recording and learn how to exploit the full optimization potential: save costs, improve resiliency and achieve decarbonization. In addition our flexible business and delivery models help to get your project under way tailored to your situation!

Smarter infrastructure at the grid edge – a key ingredient to accelerate the energy transition: Sabine Erlinghagen, CEO Digital Grid, Siemens AG 

(starting at min 4:00)


How smart energy and performance services create tangible benefits: Daniel Biernoth, Head of Distributed Energy Systems, Siemens AG 

(starting at min 9:25)


Participate in the energy market: Andreas Boes, Portfolio Manager Distributed Energy Systems, Siemens AG 

(starting at min 23:30)


Increase sustainability through decarbonization: Tobias Huber, Global Head Business & Project Development, Siemens AG 

(starting at min 35:40)


Ensure energy reliability and business continuity: Ralf Korntner, Global Head of Microgrids, Siemens AG 

(starting at min 55:55)


Get your project under way: Business and delivery models: Martin Kruska, Head of Strategy & Business Development EPS Europe, Siemens AG 

(starting at min 01:05:00)



(starting at min 01:18:50)


Please note that the session content can differ depending on the language. You can find the German session on this summit website.