Hannover Messe 2019    

April 1st - 5th, Hannover, hall 9 - booth D35. We are looking forward to welcoming you at Hannover Messe 2019
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Digital Enterprise – Thinking industry further!

The ongoing individualization of products leads to continuously increasing requirements for productivity and flexibility of production. To meet these requirements, our unique Digital Enterprise solution portfolio merges the virtual with the real world, enabling companies of all sizes and from all industries to produce faster, more flexible, better, and more secure.

Experience industry-specific implementations, for example from the automotive and chemical industries, live at our main booth in hall 9.


New developments like flexible mass production, modular production units, or collaborative robots are changing the requirements for industrial companies. At Hannover Messe we’ll show how we are constantly expanding the Digital Enterprise portfolio with future technologies like artificial intelligence or edge computing and are enabling completely new ways to use digital data in order to increase productivity and to develop new business models.


Please also visit us in hall 27 for information on e-mobility and in hall 6 for the latest updates on Product Lifecycle Management. 

Future of industry: Adapting innovative trends for industrial use

Across all industries, growing challenges require new solutions to optimize productivity and efficiency. The key is using data from machines and plants in innovative ways to gain new insights and take the digital twins of machines, plants, processes, and products to a new level. 


Bringing automation, digitalization, and future technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Edge Computing and blockchain together in an integrated, seamless way enables the comprehensive transformation of data into valuable knowledge – the next step of digital transformation. 


At our booth, we’ll demonstrate exciting use cases like closed loop analytics, an autonomous AGV, a new web-based process control system with outstanding usability and highest efficiency, blockchain in the smart factory, cognitive automation engineering, and global collaboration with virtual reality.

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Our highlights

Digital Enterprise for process industries: Unlocking the potential of sustainable production and modular plants

Process industry requires innovative digital solutions to stay successful in highly dynamical markets.

At our booth we’ll show how Cathay Industrial Biotech managed to replace traditional oil-based production with renewable materials without compromising quality, efficiency, and scalability. Based on a real separator – an asset that can be found within Cathay’s production – we showcase our Digital Enterprise solution – From Integrated Engineering to Integrated Operations and Services. The power of modular process plants is shown with the example of GEA Group’s separator that’s automated with Module Type Packages (MTP) and complemented by web-based applications and digital services based on MindSphere. 

Digital Enterprise for eCar and battery production, additive manufacturing and AGV: Accelerating innovation across industries

The Digital Enterprise Suite is Siemens’ unique portfolio of industrial software and automation technologies that enables the discrete industry to increase flexibility and efficiency and reduce time to market for high quality products, and staying protected thanks to a holistic security approach. 


We demonstrate the seamless interplay of industrialized additive manufacturing, flexible production concepts, the digital twin of an eCar, and innovative solutions for a transparent battery development and production process. With real world exhibits, you can experience the integration of new value chains from the design of an eCar to the final product.

MindSphere, the cloud-based, open Internet of Things (IoT) operating system

MindSphere enables industries worldwide to link their machines and physical infrastructure to the digital world. 


Supporting multiple protocols concurrently, it uniquely simplifies the connectivity challenges that most industries face – making it possible for every company to become a digital enterprise. Harnessing data with MindSphere from virtually any number of connected intelligent devices, enterprise systems and federated sources allows analysis of real-time operational data. Insights gained from this analysis then leads to optimized processes, resource and productivity gains, the development of new business models, and the reduction of operations and maintenance costs.


MindSphere uniquely offers three packaged solutions that guide companies through the stages of IoT implementation. 

How industries, utilities, municipalities and communities can make their energy smart and sustainable

Energy is essential for all industries, commercial areas, large buildings, municipalities, and communities. Energy costs, security of supply and CO₂ reduction are challenging their competitiveness. However, it’s possible to turn these challenges into long-term calculable variables – with local distributed energy solutions.


At our booth, you can find out how you can optimize your business in regards of generation and consumption. Surrounding our highlight showcase, we present solutions for storage, buildings, microgrids, and power supply for industries across all markets. 

Using the full potential of data in the fiber industry

The fiber industry provides a brought range of products based on the renewable and sustainable biomass resource wood and replaces petrochemical products subsequently. In the age of digitalization, Siemens’ Digital Fiber Initiative – which is also part of our chemical industry showcase – provides the capability to develop new digital solutions to pave the way to the autonomous mill.


Based on our reference customer Stora Enso from Sweden, we present exciting use cases and solutions that enable more flexibility, new production processes, and greater transparency within plants. You can also see for yourself how our SIPAPER Process Event Prediction application based on self-learning systems can significantly increase productivity.

The pharmaceutical plant of the future

Quality is of the essence in the pharmaceutical industry – and time is, too. New diseases require new cures and increased competition requires faster, leaner processes in all aspects of operations.


We illustrate from research to primary and to secondary process how pharmaceutical companies can save valuable time in both the development and production of new pharmaceutical products.


Exhibits include different use cases demonstrating how Siemens technology can solve challenges in drug development, primary manufacturing and secondary manufacturing. For example, discover our new solutions for GMP-compliant biometric login, KPI reporting and dashboarding, as well as our modular approach for smart biomanufacturing.

Trustworthy bakery products – full traceability for the food and beverages industry

The supply chain from farm to table continues to increase in complexity with pressures from changing customer interests, regulatory controls, and global competition. Traceability is key to increasing consumer’s trust in both food and brand. 

Our showcase tangibly demonstrates how our end-to-end solutions enable complete traceability by example of a chips production. The machine we present is the world’s fastest packaging machine for pillow bags and was built by Tronrud Engineering. It shows how much development and engineering time can be saved by creating a holistic digital twin with our Digital Enterprise Suite.

Innovative web-based process control system provides outstanding usability and highest efficiency

Global and collaborative engineering, immediate access to consistent information, and integration of package units affect both plant operators and plant engineers in the process industry.


To master the increasing complexity, companies require an easy to use control system that integrates information from all sources and thus helps to continuously ensure highest quality and security as well as maximum flexibility.


At our booth, we’ll showcase our web-based Process Control Innovation, which offers a revolutionary technological concept. It enables direct access for all stakeholders from anywhere at any time and combines ease of use with object-oriented data management in one single workbench for all tasks.


Our references


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