MindSphere contest

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18 days offer 18 insights into the Industrial IoT solutions of Siemens and the chance to win an on-site Ideation workshop for MindSphere. Check out each of the daily insights and get involved – the more often you participate, the better your chances of winning.

1 x Ideation workshop for MindSphere

Generate use cases for your MindSphere solution within this one-day workshop through focused discussions that address your business challenges and objectives. A real profit for you and your company.

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3 x 1 ticket for the "Forum Deutscher Mittelstand"

Be part of the digitalization, at the digitization conference for SMEs on September 11-12, 2019 in Stuttgart! Connect with thought leaders, start-ups and decision makers and develop your digital and corporate strategy.

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3 x 2 tickets for FC Bayern Munich in the Allianz Arena

Engineering excellence meets athletic excellence! See for yourself how green the stadium turf becomes through data analysis in the cloud. Experience one of the top games of FC Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga.

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