Welcome to the MindSphere Lounge at Hannover Messe 2019!

It was a pleasure for us to welcome you to our booth this year at Hannover Messe 2019. We are looking forward to seeing you again at Hannover Messe 2020, April 20th-24th. Save the date!

The MindSphere Lounge

Explore in depth customer industry case studies to better understand how MindSphere works and how it can apply to your business. The MindSphere Lounge will feature the latest software updates and newest functionalities of MindSphere, such as new applications and will also highlight advanced connectivity and analytical capabilities.
Take a flight into the MindSphere Lounge:

MindSphere Contest: Connect the dots – gain valuable insights and win!

18 days offer 18 insights into the IoT solutions from Siemens and the chance to win an on-site MindSphere workshop.


Check out each of the daily insights and get involved – the more often you participate, the better your chances of winning.


Beginning April 1, 2019.


Open Space

Our Open Space connects MindSphere users and creators to jointly work on concrete industry projects.

With the MindSphere Open Space Challenge, Siemens went innovative ways at the Hanover Fair 2018: External developers worked out creative approaches for new business models based on MindSphere, the open, cloud-based IoT operating system from Siemens.


At this year's Hanover Fair, Siemens will present the results of the collaboration between developers and customers who had called for solutions to their challenges. 


Find more information on mindsphere.io/openspace or in the Siemens stage program!


Start small, scale quickly

Three uniquely offered packaged solutions guide your company through the stages of IoT implementation. The packaged approach ensures optimized solutions for your company’s specific needs and use cases. This sets up deployments for success and quick ROI. Start your MindSphere journey with our solution packages:

Customers and partners showing MindSphere solutions


Get in contact with us to get more information about how MindSphere works and how it can be applied to your business.