LIGNA 2017

22. – 26. Mai 2017 | Hannover. Siemens booth: Hall 16, booth F21
LIGNA 2017

Be ahead with a trusted partner

We warmly invited you to visit us at LIGNA – under the motto “Be ahead with a trusted partner” – which takes place from May 22 to 26, 2017 in Hanover.


Siemens is a competent partner to the wood industry – and we presented and demonstrated our comprehensive solutions for all types of woodworking machines. We can offer our customers a wealth of advantages based on innovative and cost-effective drive and automation solutions in all segments of the wood processing industry. These solutions extend from continuously operating wood presses and equipment for sawmills, through panel cutting technology, automatic profiling and drilling machines all the way up to CNC machining centers.


The centerstage of our booth presented and demonstrated aspects of digitalization based on examples such as seamless and integrated engineering in the TIA Portal, efficient control cabinet engineering – as well as a fully integrated and comprehensive product portfolio that addresses each and every requirement. All components are harmonized and coordinated with one another and tested in an overall system. This ensures that they reliably function in industrial environments and efficiently interoperate. This also guarantees that customized automation solutions can be cost effectively implemented based on standard products.


More about automation solutions for woodworking machines.


Our highlight topics

Totally Integrated Automation in the digital enterprise

Totally Integrated Automation, the industrial automation from Siemens, ensures that all of the automation components interoperate efficiently. The open system architecture covers the complete production process and utilizes common attributes across the board: consistent data management, global standards and unified hardware and software interfaces. These common attributes minimize engineering costs. This approach reduces costs, shortens the time to market and increases flexibility.

Integrated Engineering

Integrated Engineering in the scope of Totally Integrated Automation means consistent and seamless integrated engineering over the complete product development, production and plant processes. This extends from the initial design through basic and detailed engineering, automation all the way through to plant operation. A standard database complemented by an open system architecture means that current data and information can be accessed at any time and from anywhere in the world. This means that processes, which otherwise would have to run sequentially, can now be handled in parallel.


As a consequence, Integrated Engineering not only shortens time and reduces costs and expenditure, but it also boosts the profitability of engineering projects – therefore sustainably increasing the level of competitiveness.

Digital twin in control cabinet building

Using a model of a control cabinet, we will demonstrate how a "digital twin" combines virtual control cabinet engineering with real-life production automation. Within the scope of automated and efficient control cabinet engineering the interaction of components can already be simulated and tested in a virtual environment in the electrical design phase. As a consequence, faults in the real world can be consequentially avoided from the very start.

A portfolio that leaves no questions unanswered

Nowadays, plants and machines have to operate ever more productively and efficiently – at minimum cost. Our response to this: Systemized automation. Specific benefit: the perfect interplay of all automation components. You can see a selection of the latest products – from controllers and inverters to motors -  at our stand. Discover your personal Siemens solution, tailored to your project – and the many associated benefits.