Welcome to our Intralogistics Forum on June 21, 2021

Here you have the opportunity to learn online about our innovative applications and solutions. 

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Here we give you the opportunity to find out about innovative applications and solutions based on our comprehensive software and automation portfolio – ranging from planning, efficient development of automated material handling equipment, via innovative applications for e.g. stacker cranes, shuttles, AGVs and AI-based robotic picking, real time locating systems, data analytics, up to sorting technologies and solutions for parcel logistics as well as turnkey industry logistics solutions. 


Thinking intralogistics further – with digitalization!

Learn more about our vision of digitalization in intralogistics.


Siemens accompanies its customers, machine builders and operators of logistics centers, on the path of digital transformation.

Using the digital twin of material handling equipment, warehouse operation and performance, the entire value chain is efficiently designed and optimized.

This consistently increases the efficiency of the construction and operation of the plants, minimizes error rates and downtimes, shortens development times and thus ensures a sustained increase in competitiveness.






Main applications

Material handling equipment needs to do one thing extremely well: It needs to function smoothly and reliably. So much the better if they can achieve that with minimal power consumption and completely automatically, because then they increase throughput and reduce operating costs while improving your plant's environmental balance.

Automated storage systems

Energy efficiency, speed, compactness, and high availability – with these four aspects, we meet all the key needs of our customers. Our integrated automation solutions based on SIMATIC controls and SINAMICS drives offer greater system efficiency and our compact servo motors with high power density enable a lean, high-capacity system design that is viable for the future. We also reduce the energy requirement of automated storage systems with an energy recovery option, multi-axis drives with a common DC link, energy storage options, energy-optimized movements and high-efficiency IE3 and IE4 motors and geared motors. Another benefit: The high speed and positioning accuracy of our speed-controlled drives that use software control to avoid slowdowns due to vibration, thereby optimizing throughput.

Efficient conveyor and sortation systems

We offer our customers central and distributed SINAMICS drive systems with various installation options and functions for the construction and operation of efficient conveyor and sortation systems. The distributed models have motor-mounted and wall-mounted implementations with integrated I/Os for sensors and actuators – optimal for plant manufacturers. To ensure a viable automation that is future-proof, we offer a fully scalable portfolio for all demands on performance and complexity, whether centralized in the control cabinet or distributed in modules in the field. An important factor in the investment phase is ensuring future viability of the automation system. In addition to speed-optimized drives, we also offer energy-optimized operation of the drives, with optional energy recovery for lifting devices as well as high-efficiency IE3 und IE4 motors and geared motors. And with Safety Integrated, we offer a concept with maximum reliability and flexibility for functional safety of your machines or plant with very low expenditure for engineering and commissioning.

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs)

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) play an important role in a scalable and dynamic design for your logistics center. The SIMOVE AGV system platform combines automation and drive components from Siemens with modular, pretested software. It enables machine manufacturers and end customers to automate their AGV application "out of the box". With standardized and open interfaces, SIMOVE supports the integration of applications from third-party suppliers. AGV manufacturers benefit from reduced planning and engineering effort as well as shorter commissioning time. End customers can use SIMOVE to easily configure various AGVs for their specific requirements. Thanks to standardized automation and drive components, SIMOVE can be seamlessly integrated in existing logistics and production environments.

Solutions for intralogistics