OTC 2019       

May 6 - 9 | Houston, TX | NRG Park | Booth #4422
Spotlight on New Technology

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Offshore Technology Conference 2019

The Energy Transition

Visit us at the 50th annual Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in booth #4422 to learn about how our carbon-cutting, efficiency-boosting, and data-exploiting solutions are transforming the energy sector and the world that relies on it.
Arja Talakar, CEO of Siemens Oil & Gas | OTC Luncheon Keynote Speaker | Tuesday, May 7 | 12:15 - 1: 45

Fostering a Smarter Energy Transition – From Cleaner Hydrocarbons to Cost-Competitive Renewables

Arja Talakar, CEO of Siemens Gas and Power, Oil & Gas, will discuss the new "hydrocarbon conundrum” and the need to increase gas utilization while reducing the overall environmental impact of oil and gas activities and expanding the adoption of renewables. 

OTC Technical Program

Technical Presentations

Siemens will present on topics pertaining to digital adoption in the oil and gas industry. Please join us during these OTC 2019 technical sessions.

9:30 – 12:00 | Model Based Digitization of Engineering Systems

Digitalization Goes Subsea

This presentation discusses the requirements for a “next-generation” subsea control system and describes the proposed setup/architecture which integrates subsea control and historian systems directly into the existing topsides control and historian systems. Implementation of an anti-surge control system is used as an example to illustrate the concept for control of operations, and the use of artificial intelligence and historical stored data are used as examples for topside digitalization techniques used on subsea installed equipment. Various predictions and thoughts about the future of subsea controls beyond the proposed next-generation subsea control system are also included in this presentation.

: K. Berge Kristiansen

9:30 - 12:00 | Digitalization Deployed: Case Studies

Applying Artificial Intelligence to Optimize Oil and Gas Production

Although ESPs are designed to operate in harsh conditions, such as corrosive liquids, extreme temperatures, and under intense pressures, they can fail. Costs for repair or replacement are high but are usually dwarfed by the cost of lost production. In some cases, especially offshore, that cost can run into millions of dollars per day. This presentation, which includes a use case, explores a unique AI-based application that enables operators to preempt costly ESP failures while optimizing production. In one case, the probability of an ESP failure was determined 12 days before an actual failure of the ESP occurred. 

: C. Allemand

Updated Case Study: The Pursuit of an Ultra-Low Manned Platform Pays Dividends in the North Sea

The use of a unique, data-driven approach to remote condition monitoring of equipment maintenance has enabled a major offshore E&P producer to build and operate a low-manned platform. In May 2018, Siemens entered into a long-term partnership with the operator to continue developing digital solutions in a closed-loop lifecycle approach, utilizing the digital twin concept from pre-FEED and FEED stages through construction, commissioning, and operations, with operations expected to continue for a minimum of 20-years. This presentation offers an update to a 2018 OTC conference presentation when this use case was introduced (based on operations and observations during the platform’s first full year of operation).


Presenter: S. Settemsdal

The Evolution of Asset Management: Harnessing Digitalization and Data Analytics

Underwriting the costly insurance of complex oil and gas projects requires careful risk assessment of numerous factors via long-standing criteria. Two risk-mitigation factors not currently considered are (a) the increased operational visibility; and (b) predictive maintenance made possible by today’s advanced asset management technologies including the digital twin, data analytics, and secure Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity. Learn how E&P operators can now use these technologies to better quantify the probabilities of untoward events and mitigate their risks, improving their HSE posture, and potentially reducing the cost of their insurance premiums. 


Presenters: J. Nixon and E. Peña, Emil Pena Interests, Inc.

9:30 - 12:00 | Advances in Offshore Floating Wind Turbine Technology

Overcoming the Obstacles of Financing Offshore Wind Projects

Funding remains a key challenge for offshore wind projects due to the quantum of capital required and often complex contractual structures. This complexity stems from the large number of contracting parties involved and the resulting “interface risk.” This presentation is designed to help various stakeholders involved in offshore wind projects identify and overcome the challenges of financing offshore wind projects. It presents key considerations for debt and equity financing during the development (i.e., early stage), construction, and operational project phases. Additionally, the presentation outlines the benefits of adopting a joint go-to-market approach that combines equipment, services, and financing solutions into a single bundled package. 


Presenters: S. Grosse, P. Azevedo

9:30 – 12:00 | Topside Innovative Processing and Design

New Concepts for a Normally Unattended Installation (NUI) - Design, Operation, Automation and Digitalization

This presentation is based on an ongoing multi-participant study which focuses on the development of concepts for unmanned or “Normally Unattended Installations” (NUIs) that can be used for the economic recovery of stranded oil and gas reserves considered too small for traditional floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) vessels, and too far away from existing facilities for tie-backs. The primary objective of the study is to apply existing technologies in novel ways and to utilize recent advances in digitalization to develop low manning concepts by facilitating remote control, remote monitoring, and reducing maintenance requirements. 


Presenters: E. La Grange and J. Maisey, Buoyant Production Technologies Ltd

Practical Method for Simulating Flotation for Produced Water System Design

This presentation discusses a novel method for simulating the removal of fine oil droplets from produced water by the gas flotation process.  The approach implemented is based on the use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD).  The presentation  aims to demonstrate how CFD simulation is commonly used to model gas flotation systems and processes and discusses some of the many technical challenges faced in capturing the complete physics involved before introducing a method developed that provides an efficient method to predict oil removal potential in produced water systems.


Presenters: M. Straw, D. Fielding, E. Kay, Norton Straw Consultants; S. Lo, T. Eppinger

2:00 – 4:30 | Going the Distance: Subsea Electrical and Production Systems

A New All Electric Subsea Control System Development

This presentation discusses a program around the development of subsea separators and a subsea water treatment and injection process composed of several modules that requires new subsea technology (e.g., subsea barrier fluid-less water injection pumps, filters, special water analyzers, etc.). The all-electric versus the electro-hydraulic solution was selected for its inherent capability to: enable long step-out distances; run logics such as sequences and fast closed control loops involving subsea proportional valves; handle high frequency of simultaneous valve actuations; and implement safety functions. Within the ongoing industrialization program of the new technologies, a Joint Development Agreement was put into place  to qualify the open framework platform for the control of subsea processes. 


Presenters: C. Monteverde, M. Novello, Saipem and K. Kristiansen

2:00 – 4:30 | Project Monetization

Considerations and Strategies for Financing Integrated LNG to Power Projects

With increasing population growth and deficits in power generation capacity in many developing parts of the globe, the LNG-to-power concept has emerged as an important driver of future sustainability. However, the costs involved in transitioning power projects to make use of LNG are enormous. This presentation will outline the many challenges that must be addressed in order to bring LNG-to-power projects to life, with a particular focus on the unique risk elements that are presented to lenders and investors throughout development.   


Presenters: B. Cory 

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OTC Spotlight on New Technology

Spotlight on New Technology Award

OTC Spotlight on New Technology Winner

BlueVault™ Energy Storage

BlueVault™ is Siemens’ lithium-ion battery-based energy storage solution that is suited for both all-electric and hybrid (i.e., diesel-electric) power applications. The solution is specifically designed to help ensure continuity of power and minimize emissions on marine vessels and offshore drilling rigs.
OTC Spotlight on New Technology Winner

Subsea Power Grid

Siemens’ Subsea Power Grid transforms field developments by extending tiebacks and allowing flexible subsea processing. It has subsea transformers, switchgear, variable speed drives, wet mate connectors, and a remote control and monitoring system and is ready to power your large-scale subsea processing projects.
Ingenuity in OT + IT

Bridging the gap between the virtual and the physical to optimize oil and gas asset performance

With expertise in electrification, automation, digitalization and rotating equipment, Siemens bridges the gap between physical assets and machine data to deliver what matters most: efficiency, predictability, reliability, safety—and ultimately, peace of mind. It all starts with a single trait that has been as much a part of our 170+-year legacy as the name Siemens: Ingenuity.

Ingenuity in Offshore Solutions

Transforming offshore oil and gas production

Digital solutions have long been applied in other industries to improve efficiency and productivity. The oil and gas industry, however, is just starting to begin its digital transformation. In offshore oil and gas production, many operators are beginning to discover the massive potential digitalization has to offer.


In cooperation with Aker BP, Siemens is working to provide condition monitoring analytics for planned maintenance, as well as an integrated control and safety system solution for remote control and monitoring that can improve safety and reduce costs by shifting labor resources from offshore to onshore. 

Ingenuity in Onshore Solutions

Centrifugal, reciprocating and axial flow compressors

Siemens Gas and Power offers a comprehensive portfolio of turbo and reciprocating compression solutions for the oil and gas industry and other process industries. Compressor solutions can be standardized or tailored to your needs in a variety of applications – such as on- or offshore oil and gas production, natural gas transmission and distribution, air separation, chemicals, petrochemicals, and refining.

Aeroderivative, industrial and heavy-duty gas turbines

For power generation in upstream, midstream and downstream applications as well as mechanical drives for compressors and pumps, Siemens gas turbines are proven and trusted in the industry. Since many years, they ensure outstanding reliability for oil and gas production and processing as well as pipeline, LNG and refinery applications.

Additive manufacturing in the energy sector

Be it rapid prototyping or manufacturing parts for aero-derivative, gas and steam turbines or compressors, they can be designed faster, with increased flexibility, better materials, and optimized efficiency. This way, 3D printing enables cutting edge technologies with reduced time-to-market and quick upgrading of existing assets. 

Service agreements for rotating equipment

Protecting our customers’ investment with first class service for rotating equipment is key to Siemens’ customer support philosophy. Siemens Long Term Service Program (FlexLTP) takes this one step further, by offering a maintenance program created for you, based on your unique needs and requirements.  

RT62X Power Turbine Upgrade

The RT62X power turbine is designed as an upgrade of the legacy RT62 power turbine installed on over 400 Siemens SGT-A35 C, G and GT units. The RT62X offers many key benefits, including increased efficiency, power output and time between overhaul (TBO). Moreover, as each benefit is independent of the other, the RT62X provides flexibility to our customers by allowing customization of benefit selection to meet their operating needs.

Ingenuity in Digitalization

Press and Media

Two technologies recognized at Spotlight on New Technology awards ceremony

Two technology teams were recognized at the 50th annual Offshore Technology Conference – Siemens BlueVault™ energy storage solutions and the Subsea Power Grid. Siemens is one of three companies to receive two Spotlight on New Technology (SONT) awards this year.


The Spotlight on New Technology Awards is a program for exhibitors that showcase the latest, most advanced technologies within the oil and gas industry.