POWER-GEN International 2017

December 5-7, 2017 in Las Vegas, USA | Booth 6415
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We invite you to join us at POWER-GEN International 2017 Exhibition and Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.    Forbes Magazine recently named Siemens the world’s top regarded company of 2017. It’s easy to understand why. We’re experts in solving the pressing challenges of today – both globally and locally – such as constantly changing market conditions and the continuously rising demand for efficient energy. That’s why we offer products and solutions for an affordable, reliable, and sustainable power supply that spans the entire energy spectrum.   We are gaining speed to drive technological upgrades by utilizing new technologies, such as 3D printing, digitalization and new materials to optimize output and lifecycle cost throughout our entire fleet.   As are result of these efforts, we are proud to introduce our new HL-class, derived from Siemens’ proven SGT-8000H technology. POWER-GEN International will mark the U.S. launch of this world-class technology, which is paving the way to more than 63% efficiency, with a clear roadmap to 65%.    Take advantage of our in-depth expertise – and learn how you can master the challenges of fossil fuel-based power generation, oil and gas, intelligent power networks, energy storage, energy efficiency, and more.   Meet us at Booth #6415 for expert presentations that will put you on the path to forward-thinking power generation.


Hear the Siemens speakers during the conference

17A - Tackling Today's Energy Challenges with Flexible Distributed Generation

Flexible Decentralised Power Plant to Support Intermittent Renewable Power Generation

Room N243

Dalia El Tawy

9A - Recent Energy Storage Project Deployment Around the World - Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion

Room N245

Michael Welch

12A - Gas Turbine Maintenance, Upgrades and Field Experiences

Siemens SGT-8000H Gas Turbine Fleet Status

Room N221

Francisco Dovali-Solis

13A - Betting on Combined Cycle Success with the Latest Innovations - Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion

Room N219

Christian Mieckowski

18B - Maintaining/Enhancing Existing Nuclear Fleet - Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion

Room N240

Rick Preston

12B - Gas Turbine Fuel Flexibility

Can Ethane and Propane isplace Diesel and Fuel Oils as Fuels for Power Generation?

Room N221

Michael Welch

13B - Technology Solutions for Fast Starting Natural Gas Fired Plants

Successful Flex-Plant™ Operation: Making Real What Matters

Room N219

Bonnie Marini

16B - Smart Analytics to Improve Plant Performance

Intelligent Controllers and Digital Services Reduce Performance Degradation

Room N232

Karen Ratcliff

15B - Gas Turbine Upgrades

Application of GT Upgrades for the SGT6-5000F(3) (W501FD3) Gas Turbines

Room N223

Michael Salvatore

12B - Gas Turbine Fuel Flexibility

Siemens Gas Turbine Operational Flexibility

Room N221

Adam Foust

15C - Operational Improvements and Asset Management

Centralized Fleet Monitoring, Management and Operational Support – Getting the Most of Digitalization

Room N223

Juliane Hartig

12C - Small and Medium Gas Turbines

Accelerated and Improved Gas Turbine Component Design via Application of Additive Manufacturing

Room N221

Bradley Lemke

14C - Inspection and Reliability Improvements for Steam Turbines

Steam Turbine Modernizations – Inspection Findings and Reliability of Modernized Steam Turbines at Their First Inspection

Room N225

Michael Smiarowski

MS I - Large Frame Combustion Turbine Technology Update

Latest Developments in Siemens Large Gas Turbine Portfolio


Willibald Fischer


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