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We are looking forward to welcoming you at SPS 2019, hall 11 in Nuremberg (Germany)
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Experience Digital Enterprise in practice

Digital Enterprise – Thinking industry further!

The ongoing individualization of products leads to increasing requirements for productivity and flexibility of production. To meet these requirements, our Digital Enterprise portfolio merges the virtual with the real world, enabling companies to produce faster, more flexible, and more secure.

At SPS 2019 we’ll show how we are constantly expanding the Digital Enterprise portfolio with cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and edge computing to enable completely new ways to use digital data to increase productivity and develop new business models.

We are looking forward to seeing you at SPS 2019, November 26th-28th. Save the date!





Our highlights at SPS 2019

Digital Enterprise for eCar and battery production, additive manufacturing, and AGV: Accelerating innovation across industries

Shorter development and production times, independent of the motor concept: Experience with the example of an eCar production, how a fully automated manufacturing concept and the industrialization of additive manufacturing enable higher performance, shorter ramp-up times, and a transparent battery development and production process. 

Digital Enterprise for process industries: Unlocking the potential of sustainable production and modular plants

Higher flexibility and sustainable production are in the focus of the chemical industry.

The power of modular process plants is shown with the example of a GEA separator that is automated with Module Type Package (MTP) and is using data in an innovative way. 


The example of Cathay from China demonstrates how polyamide can be produced from biomass in a fully digital plant – without compromising quality. 



Using data flexibly with cloud and edge computing

Cloud and edge computing can be used as needed together or separately. In any case, the comprehensive, fast collection and analysis of data from machines, processes and production creates valuable insights that help you to optimize your machines and plants specifically. We’ll show you exciting IoT use cases from different markets, from the field to the cloud.

The Future of Industry: From automated to autonomous production with artificial intelligence and 5G

Artificial intelligence offers significant advantages to industry by using adaptive algorithms to react to changed circumstances. For example, AI can enable predictive maintenance, or it can help a robotic hand manipulate parts for which it was no programmed.


With Industrial 5G, we’re using the enormous 5G data transmission rates for industry. This makes it possible to quickly and securely transmit the steadily growing data volumes and thus optimally use the data where it is needed.

Security concepts for all verticals

With increasing digitalization, security for automation becomes more and more important. That’s why Industrial Security is a core element of the Digital Enterprise portfolio. Visit our booth to meet our security experts and the interactive avatar Hailey. They’ll explain the current threats for automation systems and present the right defensive measures.
The Industrial Security Health Check tells you how fit your company is regarding industrial cyber security. 

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