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Digitalization is noticeably changing our world – and the world of industry. It is the key to more flexible, customized and efficient production. The use of SIMATIC SCADA systems in traditional control rooms as well as in combination with comprehensive or cloud-based solutions provides an additional lever for further productivity increases. In our SCADA Lounge at SPS 2019, a selection of application scenarios demonstrated how our SIMATIC WinCC Professional (in TIA Portal), SIMATIC WinCC V7 and SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture SCADA systems will improve your decision-making confidence and increase your optimization opportunities.  Thank you for visiting!

Digitalization as the key to increase productivity

In order to stay competitive in the long term, manufacturing companies must continuously improve their production: The time to market must be further reduced and processes must become increasingly efficient and flexible. At the same time, quality must not fall by the wayside. On the contrary: no defects is just about good enough. Optimization of automation alone is not sufficient to meet these ambitious goals. Companies also need integrated concepts for production – from data acquisition and analysis to strategic decision-making.

Connect your data: SCADA systems acquire data and establish an unrivaled data foundation

With SIMATIC SCADA, you are completely connected and can bring together data from different subsystems. In this way, you obtain a solid data base in which you can bundle and centrally archive data – as a basis for sound decision-making. What's more, you can optimize your business management: Need-to-know means that important information is available anytime, anywhere. With SIMATIC SCADA, you establish the basis for reliable and efficient operation of plants, consistent product quality, high availability and optimum resource efficiency. Together with an optimum user-friendly HMI design, you benefit from greater reliability and efficiency in your plants.

Maximum plant transparency for increased productivity

SCADA systems control and monitor complete processes – that is why transparency is crucial: only when all relevant information (KPIs) is available can efficient operation be ensured – this is true regardless of the industry or application and even for mobile access. SIMATIC SCADA can be used to implement targeted evaluations to meet specific requirements. However, it is not sufficient for these evaluations to relate only to the core function (e.g. production or infrastructure solution). Consideration of energy aspects is also critical for operating efficiency and thus for maximum productivity.

Nice to have or real benefit

Standardization and design go hand in hand: together they make operation more effective and reliable. Besides the clear and structured display of relevant information, optimum operator guidance also entails standardized interactions, such as for motors or pumps, so plant operators can recognize important plant conditions immediately and avoid making operating errors. Examples from the food & beverage, water & wastewater and infrastructure industries illustrate what constitutes a good HMI design and how you and your users benefit from this.

Flexibility and openness for your solution

Many industries have requirements that a standard HMI cannot adequately meet. For example, in the food & beverage industry, special requirements for traceability and documentation, quality assurance and order management must be taken into consideration. For water and wastewater treatment applications, SCADA systems must be able to integrate remote stations and produce DWA-M260 (formerly ATV) standardized reports, for example. Whether in production automation or in infrastructure applications: SIMATIC WinCC Professional, SIMATIC WinCC V7 and SIMATIC WinCC OA are scalable and provide flexibility to ensure the right solution in any industry.

Combine your knowledge: SCADA supports analyses for transforming data into useful know-how

With data mining, you can analyze data efficiently and evaluate it in a targeted manner. Benefit from the ability to receive direct notifications and efficient diagnostics for shorter downtimes. Show relationships: Make use of SIMATIC SCADA for root cause analysis and benchmarking as a valuable decision-making aid. And last but not least, SIMATIC SCADA is the basis for you to realize potential: identify optimization potential and measures for increased productivity and better operating efficiency.

Intelligent solutions for process management

With the SIMATIC WinCC Process Management System, users benefit from an intelligent solution based on proven standard solutions for process management: from integrated recipe/product data management, order control and order- and batch-related acquisition of process and production data to industry- and technology-neutral preventive maintenance planning and efficient analysis and localization of error sources and weak points. SIMATIC WinCC Process Management System enables you to optimize your processes – including a flexible communication solution between the automation level and SAP ERP.

Simple and integrated energy transparency

Maximum energy transparency in production with minimum effort: our energy management solutions support users in the automatic creation and intuitive configuration of energy measuring components and help to optimize and assess the energy efficiency of machines over their entire life cycle. The scalable solution for ISO 50001-compliant energy management helps you to save energy costs and to improve the overall productivity and efficiency of your processes.

Faster ways to digitalization

Harnessing the know-how of the SCADA Community for fast and efficient digitalization of plants – that is the motto of SloopTools. Partners can achieve this through access to digitalization solutions on their platform. This is made tangible by a specific example using Konica Minolta smart glasses in interaction with WinCC OA. This approach allows users to focus on their core competencies and to invest only a small amount of time and effort in other things.

Efficient Operation for wind parks

The "energy service portal" of EE-Technik is a business management software that can be understood as a parallel-running SCADA system. All manufacturers of energy generation facilities can be connected to this platform. You then not only have an overview of the plants but can also easily create your monthly, quarterly or annual reports for your customers.

Digitalize your business: SCADA is a strategic foundation and gives digital clout to your company

With SIMATIC SCADA, you have a single point of access: a central gateway supports you in achieving vertical integration and enables preprocessing of data for optimized information transfer. For business optimization, you can use on-premises solutions in interaction with production management (MES/ERP) or cloud-based open IoT systems. And, last but not least, SIMATIC SCADA supports holistic approaches: solutions such as virtual commissioning and virtualization ensure more productivity and greater efficiency

Digital Tunnel

Virtual commissioning or virtual training on the digital tunnel twin – the combination of WinCC OA with TIA and NX allows the engineering, simulation and training on the digital twin, which significantly reduces the commissioning times and ensures top quality.
Thus, you can perform and optimize the complete engineering process already prior to completion of the tunnel. This ranges from the engineering of individual PLCs using the SCADA system through to point-to-point tests and virtual commissioning.
The operating staff can already be trained at an early stage. By simulating the digital twin, you can also train scenarios which cannot be simulated in the real tunnel or only with high expenditure. Thus, you can, for example, simulate fire scenarios using the digital twin. The direct reaction of the digital tunnel to the operator actions allows a realistic training already prior to completion of the setup of the tunnel.

Gateway to MES/ERP systems

Simply connect SIMATIC WinCC Professional or WinCC V7 to the higher-level SAP HANA management system. The WinCC Addon PM-OPEN HOST/S allows the automatic generation of measurement documents in SAP ERP.
In the simplest case, the process variables of the SCADA systems (e.g. SIMATIC WinCC Professional or WinCC V7) serve as data sources.
Further, the process values can be preprocessed for transmission using graphic calculation rules, without further intervention in the existing SCADA configuration. This allows to easily perform complex calculations based on archive values, messages or online variables and transfer the results obtained as measurement document to SAP ERP. For example, performance-based maintenance plans can be created in SAP ERP on the basis of existing machine information.

Retrofit with IOT-Suite

Modernization of existing out-of-date plants is often very time-consuming and extremely expensive. The IOT Suite can provide a fast and simple remedy for this. Through fast commissioning by an electrician and self-explanatory operation by the machine operator, even old machines become part of the new digital world. The integrated distribution mechanism for functionalities and updates of IoT devices reduces their operating expense and makes existing machines future-proof once they are upgraded.

Cloud-based virtualization in the water and wastewater industry

The IWS SCADA platform enables public water and wastewater supply facilities to be visualized and controlled centrally. The system uses the latest technologies to meet the demands arising from the increased size and spatial distribution of these facilities and to make it much easier to access the needed information. Modern cloud user access approaches enable you to determine how information is distributed.

Direct connection to the cloud

Direct connection of HMI to cloud-based systems with the MQTT protocol with WinCC V7.5 – for example, AWS, Azure or MindSphere

Linking real and digital worlds

Connecting real data from SCADA systems to the digital world of MindSphere to increase business success. Through the combination of SCADA system and SIMATIC MindApps, you can increase productivity and decrease energy consumption: with SIMATIC MindSphere applications, you can compare plant data, increase plant output, identify optimization potential and make the right decisions anytime, anywhere


The right system for any application in any industry

SIMATIC SCADA systems enable the course for the industrial world of tomorrow to be set today. With our reliable, powerful and infinitely scalable systems, you create a future-proof basis for your SCADA solutions. Administer and archive growing data volumes, establish sufficient reserves for new tasks and be prepared for new technologies, mobile applications and more stringent requirements for energy efficiency and productivity.

"SIMATIC SCADA systems - Efficient to a new level"

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