Siemens at SPS IPC Drives 2019,  hall 11.

Siemens at SPS 2019

We are looking forward to welcoming you at SPS 2019, hall 11. Save the date!
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Watch our highlight videos from the SPS 2018. We are looking forward to welcoming you at SPS 2019, hall 11. Save the date!

Highlight videos SPS 2018

Experience Industrie 4.0 in practice

Digital Enterprise – Thinking industry further!

The ongoing individualization of products leads to continuously increasing requirements for productivity and flexibility of production. To meet these requirements, our unique Digital Enterprise solution portfolio merges the virtual with the real world, enabling companies of all sizes and from all industries to produce faster, more flexible, better, and more secure. New developments like flexible mass production, modular production units, or collaborative robots are changing the requirements for industrial companies. At SPS 2019 we’ll show how we are constantly expanding the Digital Enterprise portfolio with cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence or edge computing and are enabling completely new ways to use digital data in order to increase productivity and to develop new business models. We are looking forward to seeing you again at SPS 2019, November 26th-28th. Save the date!

What happened?

Would you like to view the presentations from the Expert Forum? Here you will find all contributions from our experts on stage. 


Advancements. Innovations. Future.

Digital Enterprise for discrete industries

Siemens’ Digital Enterprise Suite is the most comprehensive portfolio of software-based systems and automation technologies for the discrete industry to master the digital transformation across the entire value chain. The results: shorter development and production times, flexible and fully automated manufacturing concepts with highest level of quality, efficiency in manufacturing processes and highest security standards.


At SPS IPC Drives the concept of the Digital Enterprise Suite was presented along the entire value chain of a production machine. The digital twins of product, production and performance showed how digitalization enables machine builders to build innovative machine concepts and their production. 


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Digital Enterprise for process industries - modular production

The Digital Enterprise is built around the data exchange between automation system and the digital twin in the engineering system to increase time to market, quality and efficiency.
Intelligent machines and plant sections can easily be integrated into an overall plant - thanks to standardized interfaces, e.g. to adjust the production volume quickly.
At SPS IPC Drives we showed a centrifuge equipped with its own control unit and MTPs for easy integration into an overarching process control system. 


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The Digital Enterprise is built around the data exchange between automation system and the digital twin in the engineering system to increase time to market, quality and efficiency.
Intelligent machines and plant sections can easily be integrated into an overall plant - thanks to standardized interfaces, e.g. to adjust the production volume quickly.
At SPS IPC Drives we showed a centrifuge equipped with its own control unit and MTPs for easy integration into an overarching process control system. 


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Security concepts for verticals

Protecting productivity - with increasing digitalization, security for automation becomes more and more important. Industrial Security is a core element of the Digital Enterprise. To ensure comprehensive protection of industrial plants from internal and external cyberattacks, all levels must be protected simultaneously - plant security, network security and system integrity - supported by Industrial Security Services. The result: Increased plant availability by avoiding unauthorized accesses and data protection.


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Future of Automation

Automation technology has always been used as a way to boost industrial productivity and is one of the main pillars of the Digital Enterprise. Siemens supports its customers on their path towards the future through innovative technology. ‘Future of Automation’ links the latest technology, including artificial intelligence, the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and digital twins with the company's deep automation know-how in all industries to provide software and automation solutions to the manufacturing industry.

Our showcases:

  • Artificial Intelligence: a two-armed robot assembling products without being programmed.
  • Edge Computing with live demo: Cloud based backend to manage edge devices and deploy apps worldwide.
  • Augmented Reality with a demo at an electronics assembly machine: Monitor additional insights of a machine on demand with HoloLense and operate the machine with gestures.


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Highest productivity with holistic digital twin approach

Siemens’ Digital Enterprise Suite is the most comprehensive portfolio of software-based systems and automation technologies for the discrete industry to master the digital transformation across the entire value chain. Our Aerospace simulation showed the digitalization along the value chain with the digital twins of product, production and performance. 


More about the Siemens Digital Enterprise Suite 

Highest quality and stable, flexible mass production in battery industry

Battery manufacturer are operating in a very complex and challenging environment, where success is based on innovation and efficiency. Our consistent Digital Enterprise solutions allow realizing flexible & scalable production lines and help to exceed product quality and reliability of KPIs. With the Digital Twin over the entire lifecycle, battery industry is able to reduce ramp-up time of new production facilities and build up an efficient and process stabilized mass production for large-format power batteries.

Our presentation addressed the specific challenges in the design, the simulation and the production of batteries. 


More on the battery industry

Consistent quality with high level of flexibility in the beverage industry

A consistent quality of the product and a higher flexibility/transparency of the production enabled by individualized holistic digitalization and automation concepts for the beverage industry. Digitalization enables horizontal and vertical data integration. Furthermore the digital twin allows simulating everything in the virtual world before ever committing any resources in the real world.

Via the example of a digital beverage plant we demonstrated the integration of a machine into an existing line.


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Faster time to market and higher flexibility for process industries such as chemicals

Fast reaction on changing market demands require flexible and transparent production. This can be achieved by fast commissioning, flexible production planning, intelligent manufacturing operations management and modular automation - often based on standards and standardized modules. The Digital Enterprise is built around the data exchange between engineering and operation, creating a digital twin, using integrated automation and management systems. By shortening start-up of a plant and flexible production, we help reducing time to market, increase quality, efficiency and create competitive value.
We showed how Merck and Siemens are seeking to fulfill these requirements in their efforts to develop a modular filter plant – and they are also working together to promote the agile standardization of modular production.


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Here a quick wrap-up of our highlights at SPS IPC DRIVES 2018. And: stay tuned for 2019.

Overview exhibition presence

Advancements. Innovations. Future.

Exhibits in details

Our innovations that you definitely should have a look at

We will show comprehensive solutions for digital companies at SPS IPC Drives. Additionally, many new products will be presented.

Experience the value of Service and Consulting for the Digital Enterprise

Reduce downtime by up to 45% or cut energy consumption by up to 60% - with Digital Services Consulting & Implementation for Digital Enterprise we show how to digitize your value chain profitably.

Closed Loop Analytics - unleash hidden productivity potential with Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Unleash hidden potential in your production and process environment. Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness with Closed-Loop Analytics, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence and our Consulting and Implementation offerings.

reThink Process Automationthe Digital Enterprise

We take the visitor on a journey into the near future of process automation. Discover the new opportunities that arise from new ways of thinking.

SIMATIC PCS 7 V9.0 – Room for new perspectives

Plants in the process industries have to satisfy increasingly stringent demands in terms of flexibility, scalability, availability, safety and security. Our process control technology  provides the smart answer.

The Siemens positioners SIPART PS100 and SIPART PS2: One family that masters everything

The Siemens positioner portfolio is extended by the new SIPART PS100 with many user-friendly functions that ensure easy handling and commissioning. The further developed SIPART PS2 is characterized by new diagnostics and supports digitalization. 

PLM Software: Teamcenter, NX, Simcenter

With NX and Simcenter, your ideas can digitalized and turned into a digital twin, a virtual 3D model of the product that can be simulated, advanced and optimized on the basis of Teamcenter, as a collaborative platform and data backbone.


Capital is the electrical systems engineering solution from Siemens.  Capital software enables electrical system/wire harness development, manufacturing, and diagnostics within the digital enterprise.  Integrated with other Siemens tools such as NX, Teamcenter, and Xpedition, Capital delivers unique automation, simulation, and verification capabilities to the electrical domain.

Virtual Commissioning

Virtual commissioning allows a virtual validation of the automation solution, that affects the interplay between the control components and the mechatronic system of a machine or system.


MindSphere enables industries worldwide to link their machines to the digital world. By supporting multiple protocols, MindSphere simplifies and streamlines the connectivity challenges. Harnessing data from virtually any number of connected intelligent devices, enterprise systems and federated sources allows for analysis of real-time operational data. Insights gained...

MOM Software: SIMATIC IT UA Discrete Manufacturing, QMS Professional and Manufacturing Intelligence

MES/MOM is the Siemens PLM product portfolio aimed to facilitate the realization phase: by acting as the bridge between PLM and Shop-Floor Automation, executing production processes and managing production operations.



COMOS offers the process industry a software solution for the integrated management of plant projects – from engineering and operations to modernization as well as dismantling.

SIMATIC PCS 7 Plant Automation Accelerator

Integrated Engineering with the SIMATIC PCS 7 PAA offers a unique approach in minimizing time and costs during planning and engineering.It features an integrated workflow that ranges from planning and offer

preparation to bills of materials all the way through to automatic generation of PCS 7 data, for example, from the electrical planning, controlled mass data engineering and real-time documentation.

Simulation and Virtual Commissioning

Based on our fair model, a simulation of the entire plant life cycle will be shown – from planning/ model generation engineering and training to model-based optimization of plants. A special highlight is the presentation of our cooperation partner PSE, with whom we have supplemented our portfolio to include a model-based technology for design and optimization of plants.

Web-based applications

State-of-the-art automation technology can generate vast quantities of data from production processes. But sophisticated evaluation tools are needed to turn this data into transparent information that will allow to exploit the full potential of digitalization

SIDRIVE IQ Intelligence for optimal performance of drive systems

With SIDRIVE IQ, you now benefit from a digital platform for optimizing your drive systems. Take advantage of digitalization to enter into a new dimension of availability, serviceability, productivity, and efficiency.

SINAMICS G120X infrastructure drive for pumps and fans

The new converter series for pump and fan applications is characterized by its convenience, robustness, reliability and efficiency. Ready for the digitalization through SINAMICS CONNECT 300 and the MindSphere application Analyze MyDrives.

SINAMICS S120 Chassis-2 & Cabinet Modules-2

SINAMICS S120 Chassis-2 & Cabinet Modules-2 optimally address the changing requirements relating to converters – through increased flexibility, reliability and cost effectiveness, and now, the ability to cover even more applications.

New generation Soft Starter SIRIUS 3RW5

Automatic parameterization with changing startup characteristics, pump cleaning, and extreme ruggedness in the case of fluctuating line voltages make the new soft starters the ideal partner for the motor and ensure efficient and economical plant operation. 

Drive Service Extended Exchange

To safeguard your drives efficiently, we offer free extended product cover for six months for SINAMICS G120, SINAMICS G120C and SINAMICS V20. You just need to register on-line. You also have the option of insuring your SINAMICS drive for up to seven years – and thus guarantee continuous availability throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Expertise in Industrial Networks

Siemens designs, plans and implements future proof industrial communication networks with its range of services and products meeting the demands of the respective application and integrated into existing enterprise IT – as a basis of digitalization.

TSN – Time-Sensitive Networking

  • Standardized interfaces in the network for guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Low transmission latency
  • Synchronization and bumpless redundancy
  • Convergence in the same network between different real-time protocols with the necessarily  guaranteed QoS

RUGGEDCOM products for the digital substation

The New RUGGEDCOM RST2228/RST2228P, RSG907R, RSG909R, RSG908C, RSG910C and the RX1400 with CloudConnect provide secured, real-time communication with large bandwidths and high system availability for powerful industrial networks in a digital substation.

Embrace the digital future with SIMATIC MV500

The new MV500 read devices with high-performance image capture allow advanced read performance of 1D/2D codes. Via an S7-1500 controller the readers can be connected to MindSphere easily. You can always keep an eye on production and logistics.

SIMATIC RTLS, the locating platform for your digital enterprise

The Real-Time Locating System SIMATIC RTLS is a key component for the Digital Enterprise. SIMATIC RTLS allows you to locate objects with highest accuracy and makes the positioning information available to higher-level systems in real time.

SIMATIC Energy Management

The energy consumption of your entire company at a glance.

Visualization of the energy flows in your production plants. Analyze consumption data. Identify potential energy savings. Provide a long-term boost to efficiency and productivity.

SIMATIC MindSphere Applications

Unveil the power of your production with SIMATIC MindSphere Applications

Track and optimize the performance and energy consumption of your production around the word, in real time.

Transparent Operation

Improve your productivity

Boost your productivity and operate with maximum transparency across the entire lifecycle of machines and plants.

Siemens Financial Services

Enabling the digital transformation and automation by tailored financing models from Financial Services.

Manufacturers worldwide have great needs to invest in new technology for production. Siemens offers this technology and also offers financing solutions for the customer. The smart financing solutions help customers to react flexible on this changes in the markets and to adjust on important trends like Industrie 4.0. One solution is the first with MindSphere connected financing product –  new business models for our OEM`s and business partner

Power monitoring made simple – easy, reliable, cost-efficient

Simplified installation, a wide range of measuring devices, and easy-to-use software: the power monitoring system requires no expert knowledge for commissioning and is available in small, entry-level starter packages. Both hardware and software can be easily expanded.

High-quality installation via BusbarCheck app

BusbarCheck provides the installer with necessary information, such as the installation instructions. Furthermore, every junction can be identified and visually documented. From this, an electronic bolt protocol detailing each step of the installation can then be produced at the push of a button, and handed over to the customer as documentation of the high-quality installation.

3VA molded case circuit breakers – expansion for the IEC portfolio

With the latest expansion of the 3VA1 series up to 630 A and 3VA2 series to frame size 1,600 A, the comprehensive system now also covers applications for line protection with high rated currents.

SIMARIS control diagnostics station for future-proof and reliable operation

SIMARIS control, the digital twin of the SIVACON S8 switchboard, ensures an uniform operation, monitoring and parameterization of the communication-capable devices. The Health Status function supports high system availability. SIMARIS control can be connected to control and energy management systems as wells as to cloud-based systems like MindSphere.


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