MindSphere Lounge

Discover the Industrial Internet of Things (IIot) with MindSphere – at SPS IPC Drives 2018

The MindSphere Lounge will featured the latest software updates and newest functionalities of MindSphere, such as Visual Explorer built on Tableau, Visual Flow Creator and Edge Analytics. Visitors explored in depth customer case studies - organized by industry - to better understand the use cases of the IIoT and how it can apply to their business. We also highlighted advanced connectivity and analytical capabilities. www.siemens.com/mindsphere www.mindsphere.io


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MindSphere World e.V. - The IoT User Community

Together with 18 pioneering industry representatives and MindSphere users, this new non-profit organization wants to promote technical solutions based on MindSphere and further develop IoT solutions.


Future members will have the opportunity to incorporate their requirements into future expansion of MindSphere capabilities. MindSphere World helps facilitate the exchange of knowledge between industry, universities, developers, manufacturers, and integrators.




Our MindSphere Lounge will offer the ideal opportunity to get to know MindSphere World and its members in a relaxed atmosphere.

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MindSphere World