The smarter E Europe 2019

May 15-17, 2019, Munich, Germany Messe München, Hall B2, Booth 110
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“The smarter E Europe” May 15 – 17, 2019, Munich

Take control: Make your energy intelligent and sustainable

On the path to the future of energy, decarbonization, decentralization, and digitalization are inextricably linked. The goal, after all, is intelligent, sustainable generation, provision, and use of energy. This requires integrative thinking and an eye for the big picture – from intelligent energy concepts to sector coupling, electromobility, and the integration of renewable energies in the power grid. At “The smarter E Europe” in Munich, we will demonstrate how this combination of energy generation, storage, distribution, and use functions in practice. The event brings together four exhibitions under one roof: Intersolar, Power2Drive, ees, EM-Power. Covering the core topics for the energy world of the future, and making it the largest energy trade fair in Europe. In line with the trade fair motto “Take control: Make your energy intelligent and sustainable,” we will present innovative products and solutions for the grid integration of PV power plants, local energy systems, and for the e-mobility infrastructure. We look forward to seeing you there!


Smart integration of Photovoltaic power generation into the grid 

The use of renewable energy sources is growing at a tremendous pace, a development that is presenting grids with new challenges such as: How to maintain reliable stability at all times. The Photovoltaic electrical Balance of Plant, also known as Photovoltaic eBoP, is the right answer for the challenges of the future: a complete package of proven components, modern systems, and comprehensive service offerings. Essential part of this solution is the PV skid outdoor platform, a future-proof converter station with three high-performance components from the Siemens portfolio: the inverter, transformer, and switchgear. 


Photovoltaic eBoP solution


SINACON PV Central Inverter

Be energy intelligent!

With the help of local distributed energy solutions, it’s possible to turn the challenges energy costs, security of supply and CO₂ reduction into long-term calculable variables – across all businesses, like industries, commercial areas, large buildings, municipalities, and communities. The solutions can include targeted use of on-site power generation (renewable and conventional), combined heating and power stations, energy storage, load management, up to energy-as-a-service.


Distributed Energy Solutions

Energy Configurator 


Whitepaper: Self-financing smart buildings


Digital technologies are the precursors for the necessary infrastructure installations required to meet the growing demand for electromobility. We offer complete solutions for the charging infrastructure and components, charging management systems, as well as complete end-to-end solutions and consulting services. Our portfolio ensures that the power runs smoothly and efficiently from the generating plant to the charging station.


eMobility Charging Ecosystem

VersiCharge IEC wallbox

Shaping digitalization together  

The growing share of renewable generation causes new flexibility challenges for electrical grid. The MindSphere Application Center for Energy Management supports TSOs, DSOs, utilities, industries, and operators of buildings and infrastructures in developing data-based strategies that create added value – in business models, applications, solutions, and services using MindSphere, Siemens’ open, cloud-based IoT operating system.


MindSphere Application Center for Energy Management

Distributed Energy Optimization

Financing solutions for innovative technology

Energy transition, digitalization, sector coupling and converting existing buildings into intelligent buildings all require intelligent solutions. These solutions would ideally combine technology and financing. Because many innovative technologies require substantial investments with potentially long amortization periods. Therefore individual financing solutions play an important role for the future – with Siemens as technological partner and Siemens Financial Services as financial partner.


Financing solutions for innovative technology


Whitepaper: Self-financing smart buildings


Presentations from Siemens representatives at The smarter E Europe 2019

Renewables 24/7: Accelerating the Transition

Tuesday, May 14th, 2019; 09:30 - 11:00 a.m.


Matthias Rebellius, COO Siemens Smart Infrastructure

Interactive Buildings: The Building Blocks of Renewable Energy Systems


Tuesday, May 14th, 2019; 11:30 - 01:00 p.m.

ICM MCH, Room 11


Peter Halliday, Head SSP Buildings Performance & Sustainability

New Finance for New Energy: Financing and Payment Models in a Digital World


Tuesday, May 14th, 2019; 2:30 - 04:00 p.m.

ICM MCH, Room 13A


will follow soon 

Charging Networks and Infrastructure - The Foundation of eMobility


Tuesday, May 14th, 2019; 04:30 - 06:00 p.m.

ICM MCH, Room 13B


Thomas Gereke, Senior Management Consultant e-Mobility

PV Plants and EES Systems: Residential and C&I PV Plants and EES Systems: Utility-Scale


Wednesday, May 15th, 2019; 09:00 - 01:00 p.m.


ICM MCH, Room 14C


Matthias Becker, Business Development Manager Europe Distributed Energy Systems

Nach der Einspeisevergütung: Langfristig rentable Energiespeichertechnologien


Thursday, May 16th, 2019; 10:30 -12:30 a.m.


Halle C2, Stand C2.550


Nadine Kalski, Leiterin Vertrieb Smart Edge, Siemens Deutschland



Evolution of power on the Galapagos

Commissioned by the Ecuadorean government to resolve a complex environmental issue confronting the Galapagos Islands, one that threatened the biological sanctuary’s UNESCO designation as a world heritage site, Siemens has developed a hybrid electricity generation system using renewable fuels that could serve as a model for clean power in decades to come.

A city's revolution in energy distribution

A look at Germany’s energy transition under real-life conditions: With an integrated, decentralized system the groundwork for a 100 percent renewable supply has been laid. One municipal utility, which secures a reliable and economically viable coverage.

Siemens and ubitricity

Siemens, a pioneer in smart infrastructure solutions, has teamed up with ubitricity, a leader in electric vehicle (EV) charging technology to help London’s boroughs prepare for the rapid increase in EVs expected on UK roads by 2020.

IREN2 – Smart technology combined with science

In the community of Wildpoldsried, in Germany’s Allgäu region, everyone involved in the first microgrid test of its kind outside the laboratory is performing pioneering work.

Energy efficiency in real time

Together with MindSphere, electrical wholesaler REXEL turns into an efficient-saving champion.

Energy efficiency in real time

Klebs + Hartmann are always at the forefront of technical trends. As a long-standing technology partner of Siemens they rely on Siemens' power monitoring solutions, especially in terms of energy efficiency and digitalization.

Blue Lake Rancheria

Blue Lake Rancheria, a century-old Native American reservation in Northern California, has launched its low-carbon community microgrid that is helping power government offices, economic enterprises, and critical Red Cross safety shelter-in-place facilities across 100 acres.

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