Tire Technology Expo 2019

Tire Technology Expo 2019

March 05 – 07, 2019, Hanover | Hall 21, Booth 8058

Get the tire production rolling

True to the slogan "Get the tire production rolling," we invited you to visit us at the Tire Technology Expo 2019.


Digitalization is changing the tire industry - machines and factories are becoming smarter. Siemens presented a broad-based Digital Enterprise portfolio for the whole value chain especially for tire manufacturers and machine builders.

The digital twin of the tire, the production machines and plants and our Totally integrated Automation portfolio link the digital and real world of tire production.


You were able to talk to our experts about future-oriented and effective solutions for individual machines or complete production sites.



MindSphere in the tire industry

MindSphere is the cloud-based, open IoT operating system from Siemens that enables you to connect your machines to the digital world. This enables you to use massive amounts of data from countless intelligent devices which provide breakthrough insights across your entire organization.

We showed the implementation of the MindSphere in the tire Industry by means of two applications with our partners. One application with the company Güdel AG about how the condition of plants distributed around the world can be monitored and how important parameters can be analyzed and optimized.


Smart Controls, a member of Zeppelin group, takes the Mixing Room to the MindSphere. This enables the configuration and management of recipes & production schedule of multiple Mixing lines at different locations.

Faster and more efficient in the market –libraries for the tire industry 

Reduce time for engineering and rely on standards based on ISA S88.
With modules especially pre-configured and standardized for the tire industry, objects such as motors, valves or cylinders with diagnostic functions and alarms can be easily integrated and visualized from the TIA library without any additional effort. This increases market acceptance and reduces maintenance overhead.


Our partner HF Mixing Group presented its state of the art, scalable and modular automation solutions for the technical rubber and tire mixing applications, fit for the digital age.

How efficient is my curingpress?

By using a digital twin and an optimized energy management, you can increase productivity through maximum efficiency and minimization of costs per unit. We presented solutions for transparency and efficiency for the curing press and the whole tire production. With our products you get the machine-oriented energy monitoring and the companywide energy management.

Your advantage: increased productivity through maximum efficiency and minimization of costs per unit.


The experts at mlp GmbH and Siemens presented a solution which undergoes continuous improvement for data analytics and control system for curing presses.

Fast, smooth startup using virtual commissioning 

Virtual commissioning allows testing of the control program at an early stage of engineering without the need for a real machine or plant. Errors can be corrected early, thus reducing commissioning risks. For example, the electromechanical behavior of a curing press can be tested intensely, virtually optimized in advance and then put into operation safely and quickly.

This topic was presented also by our partner MESNAC with the application of a digital twin of the next generation of Tire Building Machines.

The result: shorter time-to-market thanks to parallel engineering and improved quality in testing.


The answers to your questions about digitalization in the tire industry

Highlights and innovations around the topic of Digital Enterprise in various events during the fair.

Bavarian breakfast

Just like last year, we started the day at the trade fair with you again in true Bavarian style.

You were able to experience our highlights and innovations while enjoying some sausages and pretzels.

Location: Siemens Booth - Hall 21 / Booth 8058

SITOP power supplies in the tire industry

Referee: Thomas Senft, Business development Manager, Siemens AG, Germany


Power supplies play a decisive role in the increasing digitization of the tire industry. The nonstop production and high availability of the machines cause companies to supply their production permanently and above all safely with electricity.

In this presentation you learned how to equip your production with a reliable and constantly available power supply through all stages of the tire manufacturing process. Starting with the mixing process of the tire to the extrusion and vulcanization up to the internal and external logistics, you received lots of information about effective solutions.


SITOP power supplies not only stands for a reliable power supply, but also for overall solutions of the respective production steps.


Location: Tire Technology Expo Conference

STREAM 4: Tire Manufacturing - Improving the Efficiency of Current Technology

New Concepts within Tire Manufacturing/ The digital twin for tire manufacturing

Referee: William Henderson, Team Manager OEM, Siemens Industry Inc. USA

Making tires can be challenging. The demand increases every year for tires that last longer and can handle all types of surfaces while being produced with a high level of quality and flexibility.  We discussed manufacturing advantages to enable a digital twin of a curing press and other machinery so that engineering enhancements can be made virtually without the need for a physical machine.  In addition, the advantages of simulating the entire process can enable bottleneck analysis and detailed planning.  We showed real examples of the Tire Digital Thread and discussed how these tools can provide significant benefits. 


Location: Tire Technology Expo Conference

STREAM 11: Business Strategy