Webinar #PackTalks Series

#PackTalks Series

Webinars about efficient Machine Building for Packaging

Digital Enterprise – The next step for packaging

The packaging industry continuously faces new challenges. There are new trends in machine building, new requirements from producers and machine buyers but also regulatory changes. Therefore, it becomes increasingly crucial to develop future-proof machine concepts, business models and services in a digitalized and networked industry - both for machine builders and for plant operators.


With the slogan „Digital Enterprise – The next step for packaging“ we show you how Siemens can be part of your success in the age of digital change.


Over the coming months we will be presenting solutions for efficient engineering free of charge. All webinars will be available as recording, as well.

#PackTalks Vol. 4 – Simulate & understand complex interrelationship in packaging machines

Practical introduction - multiphysics simulation with Simcenter Amesim


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Would you choose a screwdriver to drive a nail into the wall? Certainly not! When it comes to digitization, you should also choose the right tools. In our webinar we talk about a tool from our digitization portfolio with which you can model, simulate and optimize multiphysics.


The advantages of simulations are obvious. Testing the application at an early stage reduces errors that cost time, money and nerves during real commissioning. Understanding complex multi-physical interrelationship such as torque, pressure, temperature or frequency responses and correctly dimensioning components is a core task in mechanical engineering. A simulation of these relationships offers you exactly this possibility.


In #PackTalks Vol. 4 we would like to introduce you to the multiphysics simulation with Simcenter AMESIM. Using "Model-Based Engineering", the tool enables the design, testing and optimization of mechatronic systems based on predefined technology libraries. Using a simple example, we will show you the structure of an efficient and flexible simulation model that can accompany a machine in its further life cycle.


The target group for the webinar are electrical and mechanical construction as well as automation technology.


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#PackTalks Vol. 3 - Kinematics applications for the packaging industry

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Are you also facing the challenge of finding #kinematics experts who dominate complex motion control systems, kinematics and robotic systems? What if you by yourself would be able to solve complex motion control and kinematics tasks with your existing PLC know-how? Standard kinematics and robot systems are the most frequently used tools to automate manual work steps. No matter if for Pick-and-place, Packing, or Palletizing applications, with these solutions  it is possible to achieve  all the speed, flexibility and accuracy  that the packaging machinery  industry is demanding.


In this webinar you will learn how to drastically shorten the engineering and commissioning times for your next packaging machines with kinematics applications while enhancing their performance  and, ultimately, shorten your time to market. With integrated kinematic and safety functions based on technology objects, you can program and configure comfortably - with G-code, graphically or via HMI. The integration of standard robots on one controller platform reduces significantly interfaces and achieves enormous engineering efficiency.


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#PackTalks Vol. 2: Efficient Engineering with SIMATIC Modular Application Creator

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With the Modular Application Creator, you can create high-quality machine projects automatically based on predefined and tested equipment modules. With this procedure you avoid sources of error and save time during engineering and commissioning.


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#PackTalks Vol. 1 - Efficient engineering with the Packaging Toolbox

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Why reinvent the wheel every time? Numerous basic functions, standard modules and packaging-specific technology libraries increase availability and flexibility. Engineering and commissioning are significantly shortened. Support for international standards: Weihenstephan, PackML, OMAC


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