benefits of BIM for efficient building operations webinar

Webinar: The benefits of BIM for efficient building operations.

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Duration:       1 hour 

Language:     English

Digitalization is transforming the entire building lifecycle and this transformation presents far-reaching opportunities. While BIM clearly allows us to plan and construct buildings with greater insight, it also creates significant benefits that are realized during the operation phase. 

All of this will improve profitability over the entire building lifecycle and generate measurable advantages for investors, planners, contractors, tenants and operators.


Watch our webinar to learn more about BIM in the building operation phase:

  • What benefits and opportunities BIM and Digital twin can offer in the building operation phase?
  • How to connect BIM and a building management station to a Digital twin? 
  • Why it is important to include BIM for fire-safety, security and building automation system design?

Connect with our speaker

Kevin Bauer - Lead BIM & Digital Twin, Siemens Smart Infrastructure

After IT high-school, Kevin studied civil engineering at the FH Campus Wien with a focus on project management and BIM. During and after his studies, he gained experience and practical BIM management know-how at planning offices and clients over the entire life cycle from planning and execution to the operation of buildings. During this time, he also discovered the potential and his great interest in IT and holistic digitization. He then switched to SIEMENS Smart Infrastructure in the software and building automation industry to help companies in the real estate and construction industry to design processes more efficiently and to better manage data over the building lifecycle. Kevin is responsible for BIM implementation and digital twin (BIM + IoT) solutions in Europe


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