Make buildings healthy again – exploring HVAC OEM use cases

February 25, 2021 - 09:00-10:00 AM (CET)
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Date:              February 25, 2021

Time:             9:00a.m. - 10:00a.m. CET 

Language:     English      

As we spend up to 90% of our time indoors, staying healthy starts with healthy indoor air. How can buildings be cost-effectively and efficiently retrofitted to measure and react to current air quality levels without the need to commit to a full scale BMS solution? Our panel of experts will present tangible use cases backed up by real life examples. They will also showcase HVAC OEM solutions that can be pragmatically deployed in order to generate new revenue streams and will give an update on the latest release of Climatix IC (D16).


Speakers - thought leaders

Martin Peck

Martin Peck

Global Product Manager - Cloud services, Siemens


Martin Peck is the Global Product Manager for Climatix IC for Siemens Smart Infrastructure Building Products based in Zug, Switzerland. He began his career in R&D developing high speed data communications systems where he was heavily involved in the application of emerging technologies in new business fields. Since joining Siemens in 2016 Mr. Peck has been at the forefront of the adoption of cloud technologies in the HVAC OEM segment focusing on the development of intelligent fault detection and diagnostics, equipment optimization and business reporting applications. He has a Bachelor of Engineering in Communications Engineering from Bath University, UK and a Master in Business Administration from Sheffield University, UK.

Andreas Gmür

Tamir Kessel 

Director of Business Development, BreezoMeter


Tamir leads the smart buildings and digital health industries at BreezoMeter, the leading provider of hyper-local environmental health insights. 

Tamir has over 20 years experience in business growth and management consulting, including at Microsoft, Accenture and leading start-ups.  Focused on growing and developing new technology businesses, he is able to synthesize and clarify complex global markets and solutions at high speed.   

At BreezoMeter, Tamir explores the innovative ways of applying environmental intelligence to drive business growth, and contributes to BreezoMeter’s mission of improving the health of billions of people, by reducing their exposure to environmental hazards.

Rene Aamodt

Rene Aamodt

Company Founder and Cloud Application Expert, SingGo Tech AG


Rene Aamodt is the founder of SingGo Tech Pte Ltd based in Singapore which provides consultancy, contracting and solutions in the space of IoT devices, cloud- based services and controls.

He is a recognized thought leader and pioneer in the area of cloud based IoT strategies and the deployment of cloud technology in the field of HVAC.

Rene has held leading positions in Europe and Asia in the field of Building Management Systems, energy metering and HVAC equipment manufacturing – experience which includes the deployment of a global cloud-based service platform for a leading global manufacturer.

He has an educational background in electrical engineering supplemented by educations within IoT, analytics, cloud-based solutions and disruptive market strategies.

Ryszard Tarnowski

Ryszard Tarnowski

HVAC automation freelancer, TR-MATIC RYSZARD TARNOWSKI

Ryszard Tarnowski has been working in HVAC controls design and implementation since 2004. He began his career as an employee in the R&D department of a leading Polish AHU manufacturer and later switched to work independently. For many years he has been involved in programming and implementating Siemens OEM controllers (Saphir, Climatix). He is always focused on delivering optimized, smart and effective solutions.

He has an MSc. in Automation and Robotics at the Faculty of Electical and Control Engineering, Gdańsk University of Technology, supported by professional courses in Python scripting, electronics design and EMC area.

Webinar host - moderator

Andreas Gmür

Andreas Gmür

Marketing Communications Manager, Siemens


Andreas Gmür has over 20 years experience in the fields of entrepreneurship, sales, art (creative) direction, digital marketing, advertising and communication within small to global blue chip companies.


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Moving from analyzing historical data to gaining predictive insights to machine behavior within the HVAC OEM industry.

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