Demand based fan control leads to very energy-efficient fan operation

January 26th, 2021 - 10:00-11:00 am (CET)
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Date:              Janurary 26th, 2021

Time:             10:00 - 11:00 a.m. CET 

Language:     English      

By utilizing a “demand-based” controls approach and the communication means provided by a today’s Building Automation System it is easily possible to operate the Air Handling Units – especially their fans – e.g. in an office building in a very energy efficient way.  This integrated approach reduces the fan power

consumption substantially compared to traditional controls approaches and also compared to the operating values thought necessary during the design phase.

This will be further substantiated by comparing theoretical fan power consumptions with measured data from a recently constructed office building and that only minimal additional effort by a building automation specialist is necessary to realize such a highly energy efficient solution.

The webinar also finally shows, that such a “demand based” controls approach goes beyond the energy performance classification as defined in the EN15232-1:2017 and surpasses the energy savings of its “A-class” definition for flow control in a ventilation system by far.

Speakers - thought leaders

 Dr. Alina Matyukhina

Chris Kopp

HVAC and Energy Efficiency Expert, Siemens Smart Infrastructure


Chris is a certified HVAC engineer and Energy Efficiency Expert with many years of experience in these fields and also in the building automation industry. He is a Siemens Professional Trainer on these topics and in addition is an associated lecturer at the Technical University of Applied Science Lucerne (HSLU), where he teaches controls and building automation basics in the bachelor program “Building Technology Engineer”.


Mifera Sulejmani

Mifera Sulejmani

Marketing Manager, Siemens Smart Infrastructure


Marketing professional at Siemens Smart Infrastructure with many years of experience, successfully planning, directing, coordinating global marketing and communication activities.



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