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Webinar: The hybrid workplace is here to stay.

Recorded – 11th March 2021  


Date:              Recorded 11th March 2021 

Language:     English

The hybrid workplace is here to stay. How do you create an amazing employee experience in a hybrid workplace? 


It is clear that the impact of 2020 has changed our workplace attitudes and behaviours for the long term. Initially driven by need, the hybrid workplace model of combining remote working and office time has been fast tracked to becoming the norm for many workers across the globe.


Once deemed unworkable by some organizations, hybrid working has now been proved possible, with work choices and environments becoming more flexible. So how can business requirements be met, whilst balancing the needs and expectations of employees?


This webinar addresses how workplace technology is playing a pivotal role in enabling organizations to future proof their workplace environments whilst at the same time creating an amazing employee experience.


Catch up with industry experts from Atos, KONE, Salesforce and Siemens to find out what the new hybrid workplace will look like.  Watch now to discover more on the latest workplace trends and technology such as:

  • What are the key challenges in managing the hybrid workplace?
  • What is the role of workplace tech/data capture and analytics in creating the ultimate employee experience?
  • Why should businesses be thinking about the touchless office experience?

When the office becomes an experience

New hybrid approaches to the workplace means that how and when we use the office will change. Workplace technology is the key enabler, allowing offices to be designed to ensure productivity and flexibility. Office services will be increasingly on demand, placing the user in control of their personal experience.


Smart office technology means that a few clicks on the Comfy app is all it takes to book a desk or conference room, or help you locate your colleagues. Additionally, the building learns about people’s needs and adjusts, for example, the lighting and temperature to a person’s preferences. Intelligent technology and smart sensors from Enlighted are enhancing  workplace flexibility and making the smart office a crucial factor in attracting and retaining talents and experts. Additionally, the generated data enables you to understand usage patterns and occupancy and therefore helps you to optimize space accordingly. How? Let us show you in the infographic


Seamless, frictionless, connected: in a smart office, work becomes a new experience.

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